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Blowin' in the Wind, Issue #040 Good Home Store for You - March 1, 2007
February 28, 2007
Hello ,

Found a good home store

Do you have friends or relatives in the weather business? Need to get gifts for them once in a while? If you look on Amazon or elsewhere, you might find hundreds of relevant, interesting books. It was fun selecting them and setting them up, and it should be enjoyable scanning through them as well. Find the right book global warming activists would endorse. You can even get meteorology books for kids...

Forecasting the Weather, or a few technical standards documents and textbooks.

Science Gifts

The next thing you might find appealing is meteorology gifts available. Such as Weather thermometers, atomic clocks, digital barometers and other science gadgets...

...and executive gifts. These scientific instruments make great educational toys for the enthusiast who has it all. Even garden thermometers for the outdoorsy-type at home.

Nature photography

See all kinds of images and artwork. Nature posters or weather posters. Cloud Photos.

Weather Imagery might include an oil painting or two. Ocean photos. Maybe even pollution photos at some point. If you like lightning photographs, there could be one or two available soon.

Personal solution to water pollution

Water and well contamination a problem for anyone you know? You can find a solution to water pollution or two here as well.

This section of my old store featured items for the home and water filters.

It also had a Whole House Water Filter For peace of mind. There was to be more things added here as the store grew.

Things which make your living environment more comfortable and safe, including a greater variety of air and water polution control devices. Things for your house renovations. Things any good home store should have. Watch for it.

Local weather forcast

How do you stay current? With the communication device that might have suited you - the right scanner, radio..

One handy device for receiving alerts or television to fit into your lifestyle and allow you to get the information you need, when you need it.

Scientific software

Stuffintheair got quite a number of inquiries about statistics. Consequently, statistical software has been made available to either help you with your studies or to make sense of any numerical data you might encounter. Other types of educational software...would have been be added to this part of the good home store as it developed.

Other sections will be added to the store for you to browse periodically. Have fun.

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