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Yes, we have to spoil our nature. Why? Because, it gave us everything and is still offering everything isn't it, that's why we have to spoil it.

Nature created air to breathe instead of seeing us that we are dying without air. It gave us water to drink instead seeing that we are dying of thirst. It provided us food to eat instead of seeing that we dying with hunger. It created medicines to prevent and cure the diseases ourselves instead of seeing that we are dying with pain. Is it that's all its love; no, not at all; it is still giving us many things even though we are giving pain to it. Why? Because it love's us but not think as cruel as like us.

Trees were begging us to stop killing them; they were offering us many things like air, fruits, firewood, flowers, leaves with medicinal values etc; but do we leave them, by listening all the things, we simply say that we can't help you and you have to leave your breath. Did the tree stop us killing it? For our happiness it will leave its life happily.

Earth is like a mother, giving cautions to us; it was saying us to protect ourselves. Saying to stop using plastic, saying to stop using the things which were doing harm for us. It's not our habit to listen to anyone's words, so we simply continue the usage.

As nature giving inconvenience for us in our work we have to spoil it and damage it.


WHAT THEY DO FOR US AND WHAT THEY TELL FOR US IS FOR OUR SAKE. What ever it may, don't think about it - we all just have to spoil our nature, keep on spoiling our nature.............................

Barry's Response - We will eventually learn, and Mother may then recover. Thank you for your input.

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by: hyder a child

I am very inspired by this. I started crying when I heard this. Thank you whoever you are.

Deaf Ears and Blind Eyes
by: KOTO


It is such a shame. So many people, young and old either don't hear the cry of Mother Earth and her Children or just plain don't care. I blame adults for not educating their children and for setting bad examples, as most should know better. And then there are the people just looking for a fast profit today and caring less about tomorrow or what they will leave behind for the children.

Our leaders in all countries have dropped the ball and are allowing themselves to be bought off by, or mislead by large companies that are destroying our Earth.

In my own little way, I'm doing my best to do my part and it sounds like you are also. May nature be with you. Stand up; shout out to the world; wake up your town and let them know that you care.

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