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Air quality modelling is needed for your industrial development if it requires government approval.

Air Quality Modelling for Plumes
We need to make sure industrial sources do not impact ambient air quality

This may be complicated and technical.  The specialist who carries out the tasks must do it properly.  He must apply an accurate and approved method to create your air quality assessment.  And very few people are willing to do this. 

What makes it so complex?

Most jurisdictions have detailed sets of guidelines for modellers to follow. Each air quality guideline will specify:

  • Details of site design, operations and emissions to consider
  • What must be studied in the environment surrounding the industrial area
  • What type of air quality impacts must be assessed.

What can you expect from us?

A basic case study will consist of these twelve steps:

  1. Authorize and initiate the modelling project
  2. Determine site location and layout
  3. Determine which surrounding sites must be included
  4. Obtain and process meteorological data
  5. Set locations for modelling results, for example schools, hospitals and countryside areas
  6. Baseline air quality assessment
  7. Structures and other airflow disruptions
  8. Industrial site emissions: types and quantity
  9. Operational circumstances. Examples include normal and emergency situations on the site
  10. Precise modelling with appropriate software to examine maximum impact
  11. Model output analysis: comparison with ambient air quality standards
  12. Final report
Additional steps may be included if the model results suggest we should help you modify the site design.

I need Air Quality Modelling. Now what?

IF YOU THINK AIR QUALITY MODELLING IS EXPENSIVE, it may not be necessarily so. There are multiple ways to solve your problem. Calvin Consulting aims to carry out projects in the most cost effective way available and we use our ability to complete these projects efficiently an in a manner that gets the job done right.

How do you want the resulting report?

  • Fast
  • Valid
  • Thorough
  • Sensible
  • Relevant, and
  • Effective

That's what we provide.

Don't lose any more time.  Please call Barry at 403-547-7557 in Calgary. We can discuss details of your specific situation, exchange data by email and arrive at a solution.  

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Move forward on your project with the peace of mind that the air quality modelling requirements are being fulfilled in a competent and professional manner.  You will be glad you counted on us.

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