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Air quality modelling might be needed for your industrial development if it requires government approval.

I am passionate about helping clients reduce air pollution.  I love finding eco-friendly, cost-effective solutions. My goal is to make a positive impact on the planet.

These services offer unique insights into how air pollution affects our environment and how to improve it.  In addition, they help businesses and governments reduce pollution and manage air quality.

Air quality dispersion modeling can help your company predict how air pollutants from their operations will spread in the environment.  This can help you make sure that operations are not causing harm to the environment.

To maintain clean air, companies are required to ensure that their air emissions do not exceed government guidelines.  Air quality dispersion modeling helps your environmental team figure out if they are meeting these regulations and thus avoiding fines.

Here is a chance to be a leader:  Your firm can help reduce air pollution, leading to improved public health for people living in areas which might otherwise have high levels of pollution. 

By studying how pollutants spread, your team can identify hotspots with higher levels of pollution and work to reduce the amount of pollution in those areas. This can help people in those areas avoid air-related respiratory and other health problems.

Air quality dispersion modeling can help your facilities save money by figuring out where the effects of emissions are concentrated so they can find the most effective ways to reduce them. Identifying the actions that will have the greatest positive impact can lead to lower costs for controlling emissions, less energy used, and better efficiency.

Being a cooperative citizen is good for public relations.  By taking steps to reduce air pollution, your company can make itself look better to customers, employees, and investors. This can help boost its reputation and make it more popular in the community.

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Air Quality Modelling for PlumesIt is important to ensure that industrial sources do not negatively impact ambient air quality

It may be a complex and technical matter.  It is important that the specialist performs the tasks correctly.  In order to create your air quality assessment, the consultant must use a method that is accurate and approved.  There are very few individuals who are willing to take on this responsibility.

What makes it so complex?

In most jurisdictions, modellers must follow detailed guidelines. Air quality guidelines will typically specify the following:

  • Considerations regarding current site design, operations, and emissions
  • What needs to be studied in the environment surrounding industrial sites
  • The type of air quality impacts that must be evaluated

How can we help you?

These twelve steps will form the basis of a basic case study:

  1. Authorize and initiate the modelling process
  2. Determine the location and layout of the site
  3. Determine which nearby sites should be included in the study
  4. Obtain and process meteorological information
  5. Decide where the results of the modelling will be analyzed, for example, schools, hospitals, and rural areas
  6. An assessment of the baseline air quality
  7. Disruptions to airflow caused by structures
  8. Types and quantities of emissions from industrial sites
  9. Operational circumstances. Situations on the site may include both normal and emergency situations
  10. Modeling with appropriate software to examine the maximum impact of the project
  11. Analyzing the output of the model: comparison with ambient air quality standards
  12. Final report
We may include additional steps for plant officials and engineering teams if the model results indicate that the site design needs to be modified.

I need Air Quality Modelling. Now what?

IF YOU THINK AIR QUALITY MODELLING IS EXPENSIVE, you may not necessarily have to spend a great deal of money on an air quality assessment. The problem can be solved in a variety of ways. Calvin Consulting strives to carry out projects in the most cost-effective manner possible, and we use our experience and skills to complete these projects efficiently and effectively.

How do you want the resulting report?

  • Fast
  • Valid
  • Thorough
  • Sensible
  • Relevant, and
  • Effective

That is the kind of service we provide.

You do not want to lose any more time.  We invite you to contact Barry (Brad or Luke) at 403-547-7557 in Calgary.   Our team can discuss the specifics of your situation, exchange data via email, and arrive at a solution together.

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As you move forward with your project, you can rest assured that the air quality modeling requirements are being met in a competent and professional manner.   We are confident that you will be pleased with our services.

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Air quality dispersion modeling can help companies like yours understand the impact their emissions have on the environment and public health. This can help them to save money and improve their reputation by reducing their emissions.

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