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Blowin' in the Wind, Issue #026 Science current events of the year 2005 - January 2, 2006
January 03, 2006
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2005 Science current events.

It seems 2005 was the prime year for science current events. Especially if you include the last few days of 2004, when the biggest tsunami of any of our lifetimes wiped out nearly a quarter million people. We spent 2005 dealing with its ramifications.

After that, what is the environmental science news story we remember for the year. The great American storms, such as Hurricane Katrina news stories. There were headlines during all of September, and beyond. Then Rita. Then Wilma. Then the oil prices and charity scams.

What else? Other earth science current events of the year included drought in the Amazon rainforest and eastern Australia. Flooding and fires in Europe. Floods in China, India and Pakistan, plus extreme heat and droughts in the same regions. Apparently this was the second warmest year in the last 145.

It was a golden opportunity for the world's philanthropists.

What about the north?

Up in the Arctic, record ice cap shrinkage was measured as well. Canada seemed to luck out by comparison. We saw some flooding in the west and a surprise summer storm in the biggest city Toronto, but one can expect things of this nature quite often in a large country such as this. It was nothing on the same scale as the ice storms of 1998.

We're hoping this year will be much more manageable. Not quite so many deadly science current events to deal with.

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