What is the significance of climate change global warming, and the greenhouse effect?

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For many years now there has been much talk about the climate change global warming is expected to cause.  You can see some quick facts by clicking on the colored text above.

You're probably wondering what the difference is.  Global warming and climate change are related, but they refer to different things.  

It's the rise in average global temperatures since the Industrial Revolution that's called global warming.  Human activities like burning fossil fuels are mainly responsible for this increase in temperature by releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

On the other hand, climate change encompasses a range of long-term changes to the Earth's climate system, including changes in temperature, precipitation patterns, sea levels, and extreme weather events.  Factors like natural climate variability and human activity drive these changes.

While global warming is part of climate change, it is only one factor that contributes to the overall changes in the Earth's climate system that we call climate change.

Although climate change and global warming are related concepts, they have slightly different meanings

Global warming is the long-term rise in Earth's average surface temperature.  In the atmosphere, greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide (N2O) contribute to it.  Gases like these trap heat, warming the planet.  A key indicator of climate trends is global warming, which is just one component of climate change.

Climate change is characterized by not only temperature changes, but also changes in precipitation, wind patterns, and other indicators of long-term climate behavior.  Natural processes and human activities both contribute to climate change.  Often called anthropogenic climate change, human-induced climate change is mostly caused by carbon releases and industrial processes.

Who cares about the difference?  Climate scientists and researchers care about the difference between global warming and climate change.  Their goal is to understand the complexities and nuances of these phenomena, including their causes, impacts, and interactions.

Politicians and government officials play an important role in addressing climate change and mitigating its effects.  To develop effective policies, set emission reduction targets, and allocate resources for adaptation and resilience, they need a comprehensive understanding of global warming and climate change.

Environmental organizations and activists are worried about global warming and climate change.  Their mission is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect ecosystems, promote sustainable practices, and raise awareness about climate change.  They can communicate more effectively and tailor their messages to different audiences if they understand the difference between global warming and climate change.

Climate change global warming affect people's daily lives, like weather patterns, water availability, food security, and the health of the planet.  By understanding the difference between global warming and climate change, people can make informed decisions about lifestyle choices, consumption patterns, and climate action.

Businesses and industries are recognizing the risks and opportunities associated with global warming and climate change.  It affects their operations, supply chains, reputation, and long-term sustainability.  Businesses can assess and manage climate-related risks, adapt to changing conditions, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by understanding the broader context of climate change.

What's happening?

First of all, the atmosphere keeps the earth's average temperature higher than it would be without it.  This is the greenhouse effect at its most basic.  I think it's good and necessary.  Greenhouse effects have always existed.

Researchers have linked changes in the composition of the air to global warming.

Throughout history, the earth has experienced periods periods of global warming and cooling, as well as changing greenhouse effects.

For more info on global warming, check out these frequently asked questions.  

It seems most people don't like global warming.  Climate change is a long-term trend of increasing average global temperatures attributed to the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, mostly from fossil fuel burning.  Several negative impacts have been linked to this phenomenon, including more frequent and severe heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, hurricanes, and floods, as well as rising sea levels and ocean acidification.

Many feel global warming poses a threat to the environment, human health, and the economy, and many people are worried about its effects on their lives and future generations.  Consequently, governments, businesses, and individuals have been encouraged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, develop cleaner energy sources, and adapt to global warming.

by vishal preet kaurpatiala, punjab

I give it title disaster because human being by doing these activities calling for disaster. I am afraid when we realise the real situation it will be very late. Now it is a time to wake up or other wise disaster disaster disaster........................

Climate Change Global Warming: Why the urgency?

Global warming seems to be happening faster than ever.  There's some truth to our attempts to blame humans and industry for this pending air quality disaster.

We've also considered a few other things.

Although others believe the anthropogenic influences are greatly exaggerated, some policy makers seem to have jumped on the bandwagon.  We can legitimately question credibility if there's a conflict of interest behind points of view.

There's new terminology popping up for both sides of the "argument."  For instance, we have "astroturfing" to describe a fake grass roots movement supported by corporations.  Isn't it better to lead a real, successful grassroots movement?

A lot of people will be affected.   Traditional thinking says...  The energy that was once balanced is moving towards a new balance.  Many parts of the world may suffer from increased droughts.  Here's an undesirable consequence of global warming.  Low lying, heavily populated and developed urban areas could flood.

Here's another thing to think about.  Does the liquid level change if the ice in your drink melts?  Nope.  People who don't believe in global warming use this example to show that melting icebergs won't raise sea levels.  Yes, land-based ice will melt and contribute to the sea.

Any claim about global warming can be supported by charts, essays, statistics, and articles. Their prophecies are widely publicized, and the effects of global warming are well known.  Which ones will actually happen?  Time will tell.

In fact, the Kyoto Protocol was proposed as a possible solution, but key countries ignored it. - It's time for something better, and we'll get it soon.

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It's important for scientists, policy makers, environmental organizations, activists, the general public, and businesses to know the difference between global warming and climate change.  Knowledge like this helps us make informed decisions, communicate effectively, and develop strategies to deal with climate change.

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