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Blowin' in the Wind, Issue #028 Bermuda triangle meteorology mystery - March 1, 2006
February 28, 2006
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What is Bermuda triangle meteorology?

Is there such a thing as Bermuda triangle meteorology? It's hard to say. This is a place where many ships have vanished suddenly and mysteriously. No signal. No wreckage found, even in shallow water. Nothing. Not even unusual weather. According to popular perception, the Bermuda Triangle runs from Miami to the Bermuda Airport south to San Juan and back northeast to Miami. Each of these distances is about 1500 km. There is almost no land inside the triangle.

About the meteorology

In the tropics, prevailing winds come from the east. They flow clockwise around the Bermuda High, as they do in any northern hemisphere high-pressure system. You usually find this anticyclone over the Atlantic Ocean east of Bermuda.


Hurricanes are frequently born south of this high, where the winds blow westward, the same direction as the prevailing winds. They then circle around this high, travelling trough the infamous triangle and smothering the Caribbean islands or the eastern United States. Is this the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle? Bermuda Triangle Meteorology? People wondered and imaginations ran wild. Was it Aliens? Changes in the water composition (such as methane hydrates)? Tidal waves? Cosmic physics? Actually, according to Lawrence David Kusche, a little research found some of these things easily explainable.

For one thing, this area did not see significantly more disappearances per unit area than most of the rest of the ocean surface. Research and record keeping was not always complete. It has been found that a ship's return to port occurred but was not logged.

Just the Weather

Bermuda triangle meteorology was a factor, more than sometimes, and so was the reliability of the vehicles in question. Also, weather and time allowed fragments to spread quite thin to make remains hard to identify. Even the locations of the disappearances were questionable. It has been suggested that some of these crafts disappeared in nearby deep waters by San Juan instead, for instance, making them impossible to locate.

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