Snow Wallpaper -- Where did all this snow come from?

Snow Wallpaper

For more of these white winter images and fantastic snow wallpaper to chill your bones, click on this blue text above or any photo below.

But how did these people get so much snow in the first place?  It may seem like a mystery.  I think it would be awesome to experience this amount of snow for real.  But most of us will only see it in pictures. The scenery is worth it, and so is the adventure.

Cold Storm Chasers

"A snowflake is one of God's most fragile creations, but look what they can do when they stick together!" I don't know who said that but it's pretty cool.

Every so often, a major storm hits many regions of the Northeast part of the USA.  And at the same time, nearby areas, including Eastern Canada with its rugged terrain and attractive ski resorts, also receives unprecedented heavy snowfalls and blizzards...these snow pictures were taken in Newfoundland after one such storm a few years ago.

You can see in these photos that storm winds had caused the snow to accumulate in deep drifts and while leaving nearly bare ground in nearby spots. This kind of drifting happens near large objects such as a house and in turbulent areas (often seen in the downwind side of the large objects).

The snow wallpaper tells it all. Scroll down to see the next photo.

Snow Wallpaper / White Mountains

This one shows an industrial site in western Canada, what it may look like after several months of winter.  It does not usually get very deep here, as the winter climate here is quite dry.  With that said though, the region can get spring snow leaving the same effect any time until the end of May.

Snow out in the Field

Many people work in snowy environments shown here and on this second snow imagery page. Their activities include keeping this gas plant operational or working so hard to make Canadian homes comfortable, even in times of apparent difficulty like those shown in the other photos. Now have a look at the winter clothing these employees need to keep them warm as they progress.

It provides protection from wind and moisture penetration - uncomfortable sensations associated with winter conditions.

But the results of this kind of weather are not ALL work and toil. These conditions may be suitable for skiing or skating.  Of course, summer activities like sailing will have to wait a few more months, but we can have fun in the meantime.

An element of danger accompanies the thrills too; be forewarned.  In the western mountains of Canada, between British Columbia and Alberta, we have seen wild avalanches, and deadly ones are commonplace in the Canadian Rockies. That fast-moving, huge wall of snow instantly crushes everything in its path, believe it or not. Pretty much like a landslide.

1947 Snow storm

Everybody likes to talk about the effects this extreme winter weather has on our society...but how unusual is it, really? We often sound like major storms, both summer and winter, are something that has come into existence recently, and some of us point the finger at climate change.

However compare the winter weather pictures above and look at this snow wallpaper here and you can see the similarities between the conditions shown in two different points in history. The inscription says 1947. Not only that, the place is out in the middle of the nearly desert-like dry Great Plains of North America, in southern Saskatchewan.

Now...That's unusual!

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