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Blowin' in the Wind, Issue #033 Historic and current famous meteorology scientists - August 1, 2006
July 31, 2006
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Some famous meteorology scientists for you

Continuing our series on meteorology timelines and history, we take a brief look at famous meteorological scientists and other people who contributed to the development of this science, or otherwise became well-known through the use of modern technology. Check out these two-word (or so) meteorologist careers. They give the person's name, country and meteorology job information.

Historical Figures

A few famous meteorology scientists from antiquity

Aristotle (Ancient Greece) - Author of Meteorologica 300 B.C.

Leonardo da Vinci (Italy) - inventor of Wind Vane and anemometer

Edmond Halley (England) - known for Trade winds and Monsoons

Galileo (Italy) - Early thermometer

Torricelli (Italy) - Improvements on the thermometer

Daniel Fahrenheit (Germany) - inventor of the mercury thermometer as we know it.

Laurent Lavoisier (France) - modernizer of meteorological measurements for pressure, humidity and wind.

George Hadley (England) William Ferrel (USA) - Atmospheric Circulation

Samuel Morse (USA) - communications technology, from which we can get synoptic meteorology.

Lewis Richardson (England) - connection of weather and physics

Edward Lorenz (USA) - The Butterfly Effect

The Weather Man Records:

A few modern people famous for their meteorology jobs:

Heather Tesch, Mike Seidel of the Weather Channel (USA)

Jackie Guerrido, Dr. Mel Goldstein, Carol Erickson on various U.S. TV and Radio channels.

Karen Greenshields doing weather on Scotland Today

Clement Lindley Wragge of Australia and New Zealand

Richard G. Hewlett notable meteorologist who work with the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.

Frederick Carr of the University of Oklahoma

The late Vilho Väisälä of Finland

Brian Hoskins of the University of Reading in Britain

Bert Bolin of Sweden

Let's hear it for Canada

Claire Martin on western TV. Bill Matheson is one of the greats from the past - talk about your mix of local weather and comedy! Paul Dunphy even has his own page on

The Weather Network has - Jackie Meretsky, Kim MacDonald, Chris Murphy, Sheryl Plouffe, the highly entertaining Chris St. Clair, Carrie Olver and many others.

Dr. Douglas Leahey - Controversial Air Quality Meteorologist who brought new, more realistic concepts into environmental regulations.

And who cannot forget Environment Canada's own David Phillips, one of our national famous meteorology scientists.

And then there's me, Barry Lough, creator of

Other Well Known employers

might include:

Global Atmosphere Watch, part of the World Meteorological Organization

NetSys in South Africa

Bureau Meteorology in Australia

NOAA and the National Weather Service (USA)

CBC - TV and Radio

Calvin Consulting and True North Weather Consulting Inc. (Canada)

AccuWeather, Forensic Weather Consultants, Metro Weather Service Inc. and Forensic Meteorology Associates, Inc. (USA)

Met Office (UK)

Ministry of Home Affairs (India)

Hong Kong Observatory (China)

Federal News Service (Italy)

Trinidad & Tobago Meteorological Service (Caribbean)

Baha'i World (Egypt)

Africa Data Dissemination Service (Several Countries in Africa)

Kyoto Seika University (Japan)

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