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Blowin' in the Wind, Issue #089 Florida weather in December - Dec 1, 2011
November 30, 2011
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Florida weather in December

Why should you care about Florida weather in December?

The winter is fast approaching, and you may find that your home in the North of the United States is simply too cold during the winter time. If you want to avoid spending your Christmas shivering in front of the fire, why not consider coming to Florida?

Florida is one of the most beautiful states in the U.S., and its nickname is the Sunshine State due to the fact that the sun always shines over the beautiful beaches of Florida. You will find that escaping the cold of home is a lot easier than you thought, as a paradise of warmth awaits you in the sunny south Florida weather in December. No matter how cold life gets at home, you always have a sunny, warm beach to come to thanks to the Florida weather in December.

What are winters like in Florida?

Florida is divided into two basic climates:

  • Southern Florida’s climate is sunny and tropical
  • Central and Northern Florida’s climate is subtropical and humid

Northern and Central Florida are usually the stomping ground for those who are looking to enjoy a pleasant retirement on a beach, but the south of Florida is where the action really happens. South Florida is home to Miami, one of the busiest cities during December. You will find there are thousands of people like you looking to escape the cold of the rest of the U.S. during winter, and Miami, particularly, is filled with those trying to enjoy their winter holidays without too much shivering in the beautiful Florida weather in December.

The Climate Florida sees in December:

During the winter, Florida Weather can see temperatures dip as low as 39 degrees throughout the entire state of Florida, but Miami and the south of Florida tends to stay at an average high of 77 degrees. It did once dip to 27 °F (−2.8 °C) on Feb 3, 1917 in Miami, and while there is the occasional extreme in temperature drops,. you will find that Miami and the south of Florida has nearly perfect beach weather all year round. The Florida weather in December makes it easy for you to enjoy a pleasant winter escape.

La Niña is the reverse side of the El Niño oscillation system, and it contributes to dry winters with less rainfall whereas El Niño leads to increased rainfall in this region. There is rarely the chance of seeing snow in the southern parts of Florida anyway, and the low pressure systems that come through the south of the state during winter time ensures that there are few hurricanes or storms ripping up the coastline. All in all, the Florida weather in December is very mild and temperate, but you will find that the cities of south Florida will provide you with the perfect escape from the winter chill of your Northern state.

If you are looking to get out of the cold and into swimming weather, southern Florida is the place for you. Temperatures in the south of Florida rarely dip below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and you will find that relaxing under a Florida winter sun is the perfect way to enjoy the Sunshine State without sweltering. Thanks to the fact that the temperature highs only go up to 77 degrees, it will be a relaxing and cool time of the year for those who dislike the humid heat of tropical Florida in summer.

Nowhere else can you find such perfect December weather, and Florida is the perfect sunny retreat.

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