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Blowin' in the Wind, Issue #066 Economic Impacts of Global Warming - May 1, 2009
April 29, 2009
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Economic Impacts of Global Warming

What possible economic impacts of global warming might we now face?

We all have heard a great deal about global warming in the last few years. A grassroots approach to spreading the word about it seems to have finally broken through to the public at large, as more and more people are taking it as a serious threat. Now that the issue is at the forefront of society, solutions are being proposed and worked on. This leads to the economic impacts of global warming, which are very far reaching.

How Global Warming Affects Business

On the surface it may not be easy to see how global warming affects business, but it does in many ways. To begin with, many standard forms of manufacturing, production and transportation are now being frowned upon. This negative viewpoint of certain processes, products and businesses is leading towards legislation in many cases that limits their use. As a great deal of businesses use trucks to transport their goods, or produce products in large plants and factories as a few examples this affects the entire economy.

The above economic impact was clearly negative. Some businesses could be forced to close down, while others may have to install new equipment or develop new methods and means of production or transportation. The businesses that survive after pouring money into research or new products will have to charge more for their goods and services, causing prices across the board to rise. This has the potential to really hit the average consumer in a bad way.

Making Money from Global Warming

However, you don't have to view the economic impacts of global warming in a negative, pessimist perspective. Rather than a threat, it should be viewed as an opportunity. Now is a great time to launch a new career and follow and a new path that can help you earn a great living while improving the world we live in for ourselves and for the next generations to come.

Have you heard one of the latest buzz phrases, "green jobs"? What is meant by that? Green jobs are jobs that work on improving the environment, developing new products or methods, deploying new technologies and so forth. A lot of government investment is being poured into this field and will continue to be in future years.

Companies need workforces to create, develop, install and work on their new green, environmental friendly products, methods and services. New ideas need to be created, research needs to be done and so forth. This opens up the door to careers across a wide range of industries and will create a huge demand for a knowledgeable workforce.

Therefore to take advantage of this trend you shouldn't be thinking of the negative, you should be working on advancing yourself in the positive direction. Think about how you can apply the skills or knowledge you already have in an environmentally friendly direction. The industrious entrepreneur with new, green products is going to be able to thrive in the economic climate over the next decades. From construction workers, engineers, scientists, businessmen and infinite other jobs and skill sets, the opportunity will be ripe for the picking.

So while the economics of global warming can be thought of in a negative fashion, you're only hurting yourself by doing so. Seize the day and take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

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