Is there a solution global warming and pollution activists can accept?

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Do we need one? We desire a solution global warming protesters can be pleased with because of the scale of the problem and our understanding of it.

We also need to assist industry in their efforts to deal with the dilemma, or else the whole idea will be rejected on the grounds of economic infeasibility.

There has been great debate over global warming. It's something we need to address carefully and thoroughly.  Why?  Those of us who live in higher latitudes might find the whole idea quite appealing.  That is, if we look no further than our own backyards, so to speak.

Solution global warming:  Move north?

The rest of the world has greater problems.  They concern us all.  By hindering their ability to produce for us and trade with us, we are shooting ourselves in the foot in the long run.

Many people have been involved in coming up with viable solutions to this alarming and controversial global warming problem.  They include  scientists, corporate executives and representatives, government officials and rogue activists.  We’ve seen them working together and in opposition to each other (sometimes simultaneously), developing models and other decision making tools to arrive at an ideal solution global warming problems require from us.

Agreement has its practical value, but bear in mind consensus does not necessarily equal fact.  The starting point of problems, factual data, needs to be handled fairly and objectively.

It just might be more appropriate to have a group of solutions, each handling a specific component of the problem. Each part of the global ecosphere contributes to the balance of the earth with those things on it, and in some circles, this is known as the Gaia Hypothesis.  Most would agree, for instance, that anything that preserves or restores the tropical rainforests has to help.  These forests have been an important stabilizing component for our world ecosystem and their disappearance may lead to unexpected results.

Maybe Kyoto is it; maybe not. The Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is an international agreement. It attempts to provide a framework by which we can define climate change and reduce industrial green house gas emissions believed to cause global warming.

Solution Global Warming

Can it lead to a diminished effect on global warming and air pollution or provide smog solutions without crippling our economic foundations?  Maybe...if the proposed methods of controlling mankind’s effects on the atmospheric environment were and continue to be the real solution.  This might work if all nations were on board. Maybe not, if something else causes global warming.

Some major players never participated and one example, Canada, dropped out partway into the program.  Maybe they had valid reasons to so do.  See more about the Kyoto Protocol towards the bottom of this webpage.

If you need a brief definition global warming is the increase of our planet temperatures we have seen in recent decades.  It is believed this trend may continue, according to popular future predictions.

Is this real global warming evidence? We've seen parts of polar ice caps floating away and expect to see flooding from rising sea levels.  There are many global warming statistics, images and comics all over the media including the web, each expressing an opinion and/or presenting a small facet of factual data.

Here’s a chance to see some air pollution statistics charts. Suffice it say that the average earth temperatures have risen by as much as 1 degree Celsius (1°C) in recent global warming history and it could increase further. Nobody knows why for sure. Well documented causes include anthropogenic emissions to the atmosphere, sunspot activity and the Milankovitch Cycles of planetary motion.  Each may play a role; how large of one is still uncertain.

The warming is the concern, and the solution global warming-reduction supporters demand gives stopping the warming top priority.

Others say that "globle warming is not really a problem" and that it is easily within the range of natural fluctuations the planet has seen throughout its life cycle. They add that the combination of geological and meteorological forces is largely a repeat of previous changes our ancestral planet has undergone over millions, even billions, of years.

The British Broadcasting Corporation television network, the BBC, has provided a unique point of view on the subject. And so has Al Gore's film An Inconvenient Truth and the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report released in February 2007, as well as subsequent reports.

You know who has the most hilarious (and insightful) Solution Global Warming thoughts?  George Carlin - check this out.

As usual, Carlin is NSFW.

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What is Kyoto?

Short answer: A city on the map of Japan.

So what? An agreement amongst 84 countries was signed there to decrease air pollutants and reduce greenhouse gases in an attempt to decelerate the progress of global warming.

They named it the Kyoto Protocol and this agreement was intended to bring the total mass of numerous types of emissions back to levels more typical of the early 1990's.

This would have formed the beginning of a solution global warming protesters may accept and believe in.  It now has participation of well over a hundred nations with Canada, the United States and a few others excluded.

Does it make a difference? There is a significant portion of the population claiming it would not.

What are the greenhouse gases in question? Carbon dioxide - formula CO2, methane – CH4, nitrous oxide – N2O.  Other lesser-known gases addressed include sulphur hexafluoride as well as hydrofluorocarbons and perfluorocarbons, complex groups containing many individual gases.  Notably absent is water vapor in air - H2O

These gases often come from factories, cars, agriculture and other industries and equipment.    Here are some more questions and answers. The Wikipedia page at gives you a good detailed introduction to this solution global warming, targets, background and history.

See comments about The Day After Tomorrow Movie.

Global warming is one of the many air quality issues we have; here are some others.

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One proposed solution to the global warming problem, Kyoto and air greenhouse gas reduction.

  How has that been working?

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