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Blowin' in the Wind, Issue #034 Hey Kids, science fair projects meteorology - August 31, 2006
August 31, 2006
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Science fair projects meteorology style

We have a range of science fair projects meteorology buffs might carry out for fun. Simple ones for young children typically involve atmospheric pressure, and other concepts creep in at higher academic levels. Plus you can introduce intermediate level lessons from physics and chemistry.

Your kids looking for ideas?

Learning becomes easier and more fulfilling if the kids have the right type of school science supplies. Things such as your basic math sets and calculators to start with, but weather things can include a thermometer, barometer and such.

Other meteorology experiments

If you teach, starting with pressure and altitude concepts provides a base group to start with. These include some introductory principles of hydrostatic equilibrium Try one of many elementary barometer designs, for instance.

The science fair projects meteorology lovers undertake may exploit any of these principles and others. Here's a few examples:

1. Use various salts, including mdf, hair or other materials to determine response to humidity.

2. Winds near earth and elsewhere can be determined using the Doppler Wind Experiment.

3. Rain, or least condensation, can be created using a sealed container, water and heat supply, and something to cool the air with.

4. Experiments can be found to create refrigeration, buoyancy, ice, wind and other weather things using natural, but induced, processes.

From these experiments, people came up with useful things such as snow making equipment, air conditioners, ships, airplanes, windmills and many, less obvious, things.


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