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Blowin' in the Wind, Issue #032 Your future job? Weather careers in business - June 29, 2006
June 28, 2006
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Weather Careers in Business

A diverse spectrum of weather careers in business can be found these days as the science called meteorology continues to evolve. This is due to increased interest in natural and atmospheric phenomena. Some weather careers in business include both meteorology and the environmental science options together with other job opportunities in government, institutions and private companies.

Meteorologists study the earthís atmosphere and its effects on nature. Then they may use their knowledge to provide services in air quality consulting, media journalism or operating public and marine weather forecast centers. Government employers include the USA-based National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and its subdivision devoted to weather called the National Weather Service. Many of the world's nations have government branches providing similar services.

Some meteorologists work in the Air force, Navy or elsewhere in the Department of Defense to provide atmospheric information for military purposes. Yet other types of weather careers in business could have you working in federal agencies dealing with aeronautics and space programs, such as NASA in the States. Agriculture and energy employers who may use services from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory need forecast services too.

Where do we work?

You may find more weather careers in businesses like private consulting, airlines, research organizations and institutes of higher education. All these things deal at the entry-level with basic data collecting and map reading. Then with experience, professionals in these occupations advance to positions leading their groups in providing atmospheric services.

Career Paths

Meteorological careers require an advanced education, with a B. Sc. as a minimum. For many, a masterís or doctoral degree in meteorology or related sciences would be more suitable. A meteorologist is supposed to have a good capacity for coordinating data to prepare useful products for their clients, whoever they may be. Industry. Transportation sector. The Public. The variety of meteorological jobs is constantly growing and the need for specialists keeps rising.

As you can see, weather careers in business provide great opportunities for people who are orientated towards science, research and logic and have excellent leadership qualities plus the ability to work under challenging and stressful conditions. Some occupations involve working indoors in research or preparing forecasts while others could have you working outside recording observations and doing empirical research.

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