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Blowin' in the Wind, Issue #053 A General Definition of Global Warming - April 1, 2008
March 31, 2008
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Definition of Global Warming

This guest article on the definition of global warming appears to accurately reflect the point of view held by the majority on the subject. See what you think.

Before I even begin to address what global warming is and the effects that it has on our environment and daily lives, I want you to do something. Stand outside and look around, I want you to remember what this time of year was like when you were a kid. Remember the differences in the seasons, the weather, the temperature - when summer was summer and winter was winter. It isn't that way anymore, there isn't really an Indian summer in October anymore, fall is getting bypassed, winter is shorter and there is less snow. This is global warming.

I wanted you to think about it because I want you to realize that it is not a governmental myth perpetuated by the IPCC and other boards. Global warming is not a scam set out by the industry to try to make more money by promoting global awareness about protecting our environment. The makers of The Great Global Warming Swindle and other global warming opponents would like you to jump on their band wagon and believe that it isn't real and that it isn't our fault. It is real and it is our fault.

Why does Global Warming Happen?

So what is global warming? Global warming is the slow but consistent rise of our Earth's surface temperature, the reason for this is the greenhouse effect which is responsible for the changes in global climate patterns. Greenhouse gas emissions refer to carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is released into the air from burning gas, oil, coal, wood and other sources that then hold heat in ways similar to the way a greenhouse holds heat. This is where the term "greenhouse effect" comes from.

Now, you will also find that global warming has taken place before, under natural circumstances, and this is the premise behind what the "experts" of the above mentioned movie want you to think is the reason for where our environment stands today. Well, we are not talking about any natural phenomenon that happened in the past, we are talking about what humans have done to the Earth over the last 100 years.


There has been a 0.6 C increase in the Earth's surface temperature. While it may not seem like a lot, think about the changes in our environment just since you came here. When we talk about global warming, we are talking about the fact that we as humans are tearing down our forests , so there are fewer trees to filter our air. We are burning more coal, more oil and natural gas. This forms a blanket around the Earth and it traps the heat and raises the surface temperature.

Ok, so what does it really mean to us? It means that if we do not take action, we can look forward to large scale, irreversible effects. We can look forward to a slowing of the ocean circulation that moves the warm water to the North Atlantic and huge reductions in the Greenland and West Antarctic Ice Sheets.

There is also going to be faster global warming because of the carbon cycle feedbacks in the terrestrial biosphere and releases of those carbons from permafrost regions and methane from the hydrates in coastal sediment. The most severe consequences can be seen in one of three physical changes, higher local temperatures, changes in rainfall pattern and a rise in sea level.

Again, take a look around. Aren't we already experiencing two of the three listed. The sea level is expected to rise another 18-59 cm by the end of the century. No, you may not be here to see it at its highest, but our children will. What will it mean for them?

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