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Blowin' in the Wind, Issue #062 Recent News on Global Warming - December 1, 2008
January 05, 2009
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Recent News on Global Warming

Before looking at the recent news on global warming, let's examine again what global warming is.

Definition for Global Warming

Global warming is the process of the Earth’s average temperature increasing in both the surface air and the oceans. This has been occurring since around the mid 20th century and is reported to be an ongoing change. Sometimes the news media will say this is climate change.

The main cause of global warming is thought to be an increase supply of greenhouse gases. Industrial activities get most of the blame, along with other things.

What is the Latest on Global Warming?

The recent news on global warming provides some interesting solutions on how could global warming be prevented. These solutions range from the construction of Super Chimneys to changing the behavior of humans.

What is a Super Chimney and How Does it Work?

At this point, the Super Chimney is a theory that states:

  • That a super high chimney be constructed to speed up the exchange of heat atmospherically.
  • This chimney should be approximately 3 miles in height and the diameter could be up to 0.07 mile.

    The theory goes on to suggest that the following results would be:

  • Only 10 such chimneys would be enough to mitigate the effects of global warming.
  • The chimney would help generate rain around them to the amount of seventy million tons of daily precipitation or rainfall.
  • The electricity that each chimney would produce would be 330,000 mega watts, which equals that of 15 of powerful stations of nuclear energy produce.
  • CO2 would be trapped at a rate of 1,500,000 tons per year.
  • Arable land would be created in the desert - about 300 square miles of it.
Obviously, we need more research into the feasibility of this idea.

Change our Ethics

Changing our ethics as far as the way we live has also been suggested. We humans do like to live life to the fullest and even to excess sometimes. This may be the time to re evaluate how we live in regards to using our resources.


Global warming is still surrounded by controversy for many. Some people do not agree that we have as much effect on the atmosphere, as many experts say. Some people have even accused governments of intimidating the scientists into silence. This remains to be proven.

World Population

With the population of the world growing constantly no doubt, we have an effect on our environment. In the last 50 years, the population has grown from 2.945 billion in 1958 to 6,736,476,742 people today. Naturally, we emit more carbon emissions and use more resources than 50 years ago. Our mission needs to be finding the energy sources for the future that has the least effect on our atmosphere under these conditions.

For curiosity sake, let’s end the recent news of global warming with this question:

Would you rather have global cooling?

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