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Jun 08, 2023

There is Only One Option Whether the Evidence is Right or Wrong

Our one-of-a-kind

Global warming is something that everyone should be concerned about. Regardless of whether a person believes in global warming or does not, a person should

Continue reading "There is Only One Option Whether the Evidence is Right or Wrong"

Jun 08, 2023

An interesting theory!

Circle of Life

Here's an interesting theory. Every few thousand years, the planet regenerates itself. Whether caused by global warming, or other natural disasters. Ice

Continue reading "An interesting theory!"

Jun 08, 2023

You're Wrong!

Source of all our Warmth.

You got it all wrong. God created global warming. Duh! Barry's Response - Well, of course. Maybe we have the ability to influence it a little, though.

Continue reading "You're Wrong!"

Jun 08, 2023

what has wild life done to you

Mooo-oove it!

If we all be active not using our cars to go every where we are one step closer for our world to be a better place. People hurt bees and cow when they

Continue reading "what has wild life done to you"

Jun 07, 2023

Everything is going wrong

Sudden Events

we are causing the global warming, and it is destroying us. Slowly the summer will become winter, and vice-versa.. everything is going wrong! Barry's

Continue reading "Everything is going wrong"

Jun 07, 2023

Climate change is a fact of nature

Unless conditions improve.

Climate change is a basic fact of nature, and it is probably driven by changes in solar activity. The world got into and out of several Ice Ages without

Continue reading "Climate change is a fact of nature"

Jun 07, 2023

About Global Warming

Taking responsibility

I think this is a very interesting story. I feel that you have the right idea. It makes sense that the energy output from the sun would cause changes to

Continue reading "About Global Warming"

Jun 07, 2023

Climate Change Global Warming: Do you believe it?

The earth in all its glory

Facts about climate change global warming and their connection. How does it relate to the greenhouse effect changing the air? We'll find out if there are any.

Continue reading "Climate Change Global Warming: Do you believe it?"

Jun 07, 2023

stop global warming!

Problems with global warming and potential solutions

I HATE GLOBAL WARMING! people today are so stupid..why cant they just help out...its not that hard...seriously....stop destroying mother nature...or soon

Continue reading "stop global warming!"

Jun 07, 2023

what happens with the air pollution?

A major source of air pollution

well, I have been looking @ a lot of sites for a report that I am doing about the effects on air pollution, and this is cool! Barry's Response - Thank

Continue reading "what happens with the air pollution?"

Jun 07, 2023

what about the site?

well, I am doing a report on weather and air pollution is effecting global warming. and i'm supposed 2 c if there is any good sites 2 c if they can back

Continue reading "what about the site?"

Jun 06, 2023

one cause of global warming

factory gases can cause global warming. Barry's Response - Some researches indicate that the majority of the warming we have seen over the last few decades

Continue reading "one cause of global warming"

Jun 06, 2023

Canada has a summer, but it never seems to last long enough.

This is not Summer here.

I live in Canada. Manitoba to be exact, and it is true that it can be very cold. It is the coldest in January, probably averaging about -15°C. There are

Continue reading "Canada has a summer, but it never seems to last long enough."

Jun 06, 2023

Air Polution | Can we end this? Is it spelled right?


Air quality, air polution... Do air pollution and global warming go hand in hand?

Continue reading "Air Polution | Can we end this? Is it spelled right?"

Jun 06, 2023

Forecast Future Weather - What do Meteorologists Do?

Local storm in flatlands

Here's an introduction how to forecast future weather. Slide air features across the map.

Continue reading "Forecast Future Weather - What do Meteorologists Do?"

Jun 06, 2023

Environment Canada Weather Office | How is the weather in your area?

Colourful map of Canada

Go to the Environment Canada weather office. Stuff in the Air has a preview of the site and a few instructions.

Continue reading "Environment Canada Weather Office | How is the weather in your area?"

Jun 06, 2023

Cloud Blowing Wind: What Does that Mean to You?


Any wind that occurs when clouds are present can get the cloud blowing wind label. Here's an specific example of moving air:

Continue reading "Cloud Blowing Wind: What Does that Mean to You?"

Jun 06, 2023

Cartoon Scientist | Your Chance to See one up Close

Cartoon Biologist

Do you have a weatherman who has the personality of a cartoon scientist? Take a look at these characteristics.

Continue reading "Cartoon Scientist | Your Chance to See one up Close"

Jun 06, 2023

Atmosphere Lesson Plans | Make your students smile

Cloud Art

Here are some atmosphere lesson plans and fun experiments.

Continue reading "Atmosphere Lesson Plans | Make your students smile"

Jun 06, 2023

Atmosphere Layers | What lies above your head?

Atmosphere Layers

There are multiple atmosphere layers and a vertical profile. Layers of air are sorted horizontally.

Continue reading "Atmosphere Layers | What lies above your head?"

Jun 06, 2023

chemical contamination water and air

We would like all air and water to be this clean

Can you please provide some detail on Environmental effects that come from various types of pollution in air and water? Please elaborate on air quality

Continue reading "chemical contamination water and air"

Jun 06, 2023

Ozone Hazards

I'd like to know about air pollution and its effects as well as the chance of damaging the ozone layer. Barry's Response - Girdhar: There are definitely

Continue reading "Ozone Hazards"

Jun 05, 2023

A solution to pollution

We need a solution to pollution - I think it is very wrong to pollute our water and air. So hopefully people will stop pulluting the air and water and

Continue reading "A solution to pollution"

Jun 05, 2023

Weather Man | Do YOU Need One of These?

Barry Lough Performing

The air specialist. The weather man. The Science of Meteorology Online.

Continue reading "Weather Man | Do YOU Need One of These?"

Jun 05, 2023

Meteorology Graduate Online: Not your average airhead

Congratulations on your Graduation

After meteorology school, you look at meteorology jobs. Can you do anything else with your air credentials? I kept going with this meteorology graduate online project.

Continue reading "Meteorology Graduate Online: Not your average airhead"

Jun 02, 2023

start smoking story

Start Smoking Here?

Here's a start-smoking story for you. The quality of air these days is affected by all of those people out there who like to pollute our air by smoking

Continue reading "start smoking story"

Jun 01, 2023

Sulfur Dioxide

how do you detect sulphur dioxide in the air, without fancy equipment? Barry's Response - Angela: Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is a heavy, colorless gas with

Continue reading "Sulfur Dioxide"

Jun 01, 2023

HVAC air

We have a plant of about 200,000 sq. ft. We build about 800 fireplaces a day and have about 300 members working in the production area. Production area

Continue reading "HVAC air"

Jun 01, 2023

affect of smoking

We need to find the affect of smoking. Is there something that is available to test the quality of air in an office? Smoking is permitted in a designated

Continue reading "affect of smoking"

Jun 01, 2023

Car Air Pollution and Global Warming

If car air pollution is what causes global warming, then how come there was no global warming in the 1960's when cars were polluting the air way worse

Continue reading "Car Air Pollution and Global Warming"

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