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Blowin' in the Wind, Issue #077 Summer Jokes - Humorous Weather - September 1, 2010
August 31, 2010
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Summer Jokes - Humorous Weather

After a summer off, it seems appropriate to return with a few summer jokes and a bit of off-humor. Welcome back.

We all understand how mild the weather can be. Certainly there are times when people just like to blow a bunch of information at us, and in no time at all we've been showered with a bunch of information. If you are like most people all this sunny behavior is probably driving you insane.

Funny Weather Jokes

There is no way weather can be fun right? Well not quite. There are plenty of ways to not only turn weather into something fun, but we can also create a fun way to remember certain things. Let's thunder through the process!

In some areas we know the weather can be hot. In desert climates, things tend to dry up real quick from the sun. In fact, in the desert the only way to avoid getting powdered milk is by feeding your cattle ice cream! You might find this hard to believe, and on the hottest days of summer a chicken may lay a hardboiled egg. This makes it essential that farmers in the desert give their animals enough water to stay hydrated from the harsh rays of the sun.

The heat during the summer is created by a series of high and low pressure. This helps to determine many different things including patience. When high pressure sets in, people's patience goes lower. As the temperatures drop thanks to lower pressure, people's patience rises. Thus, everything is relative.

Jokes about the Wind

Did you know that the Midwest is the only part of the country that doesn't frown on food being tossed? Tornados are notorious for picking up food and property and tossing them around the world. As a result, many gardens end up on the front porch. This however is the perfect way to enjoy a tossed salad.

Hail is frozen pellets of water that fall from the sky. When this happens you will want to watch out. These pieces of ice will fly past you and leave you dodging for your life. In fact, it seems oddly similar to hailing a taxi cab in New York.

During the summer we also find that the air around us begins to warm up. Among the hot air and everything else blowing around, many of us begin to notice that this is also the same time that political campaigns are in full swing. Is there a coincidence?

Monsoons play an important part in the South Western part of the state during the summer months. During this time humidity goes up and there is an increase in rain. What often occurs is an event called a flash flood. Oddly, you just head a couple of States North to Oregon and it would be called, a light drizzle.

As you can see weather is a very fascinating thing. Take some time to explore all the fun that you can find in it. From double meanings to work play there are many different ways you can remember all the great types of weather out there!

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