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Blowin' in the Wind, Issue #079 Voices in the Air - Yours included? - November 1, 2010
October 27, 2010
Hello ,

SITA voices in the air

What are those voices in the air? That's my crowd of happy subscribers. Hey, now's your chance to put a bit into Stuff in the Air. Many pages have areas where your comments can be made and published if you see fit; I'll even add my own comments and an image afterwards (and so can you). Also, if you see someone else's contribution that seems outstanding, or just plain twisted, give it a rating. A ranking of one is complete crap and a 5 is a gooder! Have a look at these examples.

Have you ever experienced the cold? Canada is almost as cold as it gets, or so the world believes. Of course our winters are real, but so are our summers, relatively speaking. In reality, this country is on the cool side of the temperate zone with extreme northerly areas, largely unpopulated, reaching into the Arctic climactic zone. The Canadian weather service provides forecast and observed weather information covering the entire nation. With such a large country, it makes sense to use a map for picking forecast locations. The site is much more than just the main map, though. If you have had a good winter experience either at home or abroad, please visit Environment Canada Weather Office tell us your experience under the heading: "Experienced the cold?"

Of course you consider the environment to be important, or else you would not be choosing to read about it. What is it that moves you? Business? Traffic? Weather? Policies? Should everybody be aware of the issues at hand? If so, give Business Harm the Environment a visit and go to "What do you have to say?" to have your moment on the soapbox.

More voices in the air

Weather Forecasts: Do you use an internet forecast provider such as Yahoo! Weather, widgets, your radio or TV station, or your government weather service? Have you heard of Weather Underground, at It offers some good, unique features. Do you know of any others that need to be seen? Please inform the world by visiting Online Weather Reports and scrolling to the section entitled "Great Forecasts".

The study of Meteorology uses a knowledge of physics and math to understand. Have you noticed that? Math is important to us in other parts of our lives as well. One group of web pages on Stuff in the Air goes into some examples - go to the phrase "Math rules!" on the Mathematics Used in Meteorology page or Google the phrase "Math rules!" to find others.

School days remembered

Remember your science projects in school? What kind of things did you use? Were any of these assignments or science fairs particularly memorable? Please let us know on the School Science Supplies page under "What was your Science Project?".

Have you researched the subject of global warming extensively? If you have, you will have read some interesting things not mentioned on Stuff in the Air. Please give us a recap at The Gaia Hypothesis; look for "Know anything else about Global Warming?" and let us know. Thanks.

Let it be said - Nobody's Perfect. We incorporate technology into our daily lives and our professional pursuits every day. And it can be improved upon. This author conducts air dispersion modeling for a living, using the basics of physics and meteorology coupled with software provided by the government to assess the potential for pollution arising from industrial developments. You like that idea? Can it be done better? Please comment on the Air Pollution Modeling page. Look for "Think you can do better".

Every page on this website features one or more images - photos or drawings. Every one of the pages referred to above provides an opportunity for you to send a great image that you may have, if you feel like. Well, here's one more. This page - Pictures of Meteorology - has a special section for weather pictures. I'd love to see them and so would the world. Got something good? Please go to "Show us your Stuff" and share, if you like.

Thank you for subscribing and for any and all input, your voices in the air, that you may provide.

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