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A weather man (or woman) predicts the weather. These professionals use satellites, weather balloons, and radar systems to collect data about the weather. They provide information about the temperature, wind, rain, and more so people can plan their day and stay safe during bad weather. They also use complex computer models and weather instruments to measure and collect data about the atmosphere and the Earth's climate. Meteorologists also use satellite and radar images to monitor weather changes and alert people to dangerous weather conditions.

And they tell others about it.  I did these things before creating this website.  It has been a joy.

What is the purpose of StuffintheAir?   The purpose of this website is to provide an explanation of modern meteorological processes and techniques.   It provides definitions and descriptions of certain weather concepts as well as scientific concepts.

What's interesting about this site and how I can find it? On the left, you will find a column of short titles.  There is a link to a webpage that provides further information on each subject.  Furthermore, each page contains links to many additional pages providing additional information on the sub-topic titled in the text. Almost every page of the website displays this list in the same position.

In addition, you will find a link entitled "Site Map" near the bottom of the left-column links. This link will take you to a complete and organized listing of all major weather (and related science) pages on Stuff in the Air.  As the website now has over a thousand pages, it would be impractical to list the entire list on one page.

Several of these web pages provide access to photographs and articles related to physical science. You can access them on the website and, at one time, subscribe to the newsletter, Blowin’ in the wind (See a link to the archives on the right).  You could have collected scientific and related information on a regular basis when the newsletter was being published.

You can also find a detailed list of photos and links to additional images. Among them are:

  • Snow and cloud pictures
  • Pictures of ecosystems and pollution
  • Smog pictures
  • Ocean pictures
  • Forest pictures
  • Photographs of fog and atmosphere
  • Illustrations of toxic wastes

And to be added,

  • El nino pictures
  • Ozone layer pictures
  • Photographs of other meteorological and environmental conditions
  • Maybe even some more pictures of the StuffintheAir staff (including me).  

Would you like to see them all at once? Click on the word "images" at the top of Google and enter site:stuffintheair.com. There should be hundreds of results. You can view the entire page of any one of them by clicking on it.

A Weather man Online service

This weatherman created this business in order to assist students in learning about weather and exploring career opportunities in meteorology.  In addition to educators of such students, other members of the public may also find answers to important questions.

You may think of my rudimentary explanations as kid meteorology. In other words, they do not rely on complicated mathematics to convey their message. There are even some pages that provide lesson plans for teachers of young students.

As a result of the qualitative descriptions, readers are provided with a synoptic (big-picture) overview of a highly technical subject that makes it easy for them to grasp the concepts regardless of their scientific background.

Where more technical detail is appropriate, supplemental links are provided to outside sources where university math formulae may be used.

Additional drawings and photographs can be accessed through other links. A number of informative graphics are included, such as satellite images, radar and other concrete examples.

Thirdly, most pages contain affiliate or advertising links. The purpose of this effort is to earn enough money to maintain the website.

Interested readers purchase the products and services offered by merchants who fulfill orders and requests in a fair and honest manner. Please do not feel obligated to place an order (I am certain you will not). Nevertheless, you may find some of these interesting.

Please review the privacy policy accessible at the bottom of the purple links on the left if your private or personal information is of concern.

This is the 32nd page added to a site that now receives thousands of visitors every day.  This weather man constructed it from scratch.

Thank you very much for your interest.  Here is a quick link to the air homepage for an introduction to the website.   

Would you like to view the website's privacy statement?  Furthermore, you can find additional navigational options at the bottom of each page.

Chief, cook and bottle-washer: Despite this being an "About Us" page, there really is no "Us" here...

What is the name of the weather man company? Stuff in the Air

Founded in February 2003.

The weatherman's name is:

Barry J. Lough, B.Sc., P.Phys., 
P.Met., EP
47 Riverstone Close SE
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2C 4B8
Main Phone: (403) 203-0833

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My educational background includes a B. Sc. in physics and meteorology, and as a physicist and meteorologist, I am able to apply physics formulas to weather and related environmental issues.

This degree was earned at the University of  Alberta in Edmonton.  At the time, it was one of three meteorology schools in the Canadian university system.

The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alberta offers a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology program.   It covers topics like atmospheric dynamics, synoptic meteorology, atmospheric physics, and climatology.  The program prepares students for careers in the private sector, government agencies, or research institutions, such as weather forecasting, climate change, or air quality.   Students in the Meteorology program at the University of Alberta continue to have the chance to work with world-class faculty and participate in cutting-edge research.

I have worked in the weather forecasts division of Environment & Climate Change Canada as a meteorologist. As an environmental consultant, I have primarily worked in air quality modeling in Canada.  It was then that your friendly weather man worked for the air group, (regulatory and compliance consultants) at the Calgary office of SEACOR Environmental (a company that grew steadily before being acquired by SLR Management), then Duke Energy Gas Transmission (a US company that provides natural gas transmission and storage services), and now Calvin Consulting Group Ltd. (i.e. CCGL), which is also in Calgary.

Calvin Consulting is a Canadian firm which provides consulting services include strategy development and change management.   Their goal is to improve the environmental and air quality performance of organizations of all sizes across various industries.  The company team of experienced consultants understands the challenges organizations face and they are committed to delivering effective solutions to air quality and regulatory compliance problems.  Overall, creating sustainable operating tactics which have neutral-to-positive environmental impact for clients is what they do.

For air quality needs such as dispersion modeling, regulatory compliance, or emissions reporting, please contact Barry at their Calgary office.  Please use the email below or call 403-547-7557.

Barry Lough Air Quality Modelling

Please scroll down about half way on this page for detailed information from my resume.  you can find my summary of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (ENTP) personality profile on the cartoon scientist webpage.

you can find my summary of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (ENTP) personality profile.

Occasionally, I have considered becoming a television weather man because I enjoy entertaining.

Here is a bit more information about this business owner

I am in my later 50's (in 2023) and married with two grown daughters. When I am not working, I am thinking about the music industry. I am a part-time musician with Back in the Day, a 60's, 70's and 80's rock cover band.  In addition to duelling piano shows, I also perform solo gigs. Furthermore, I have played drums in Calgary's non-profit Calysto Steelband.  My online  company provides wanted information for the public as well as supplemental income for my family and, eventually, employment for others.

Here is an example of music performance, if this interests you:

...and the Youtube channel homepage is at https://www.youtube.com/user/radiosonde1/featured

This is a photograph of me performing in a Karaoke bar in Barbados quite a number of years ago.  I am holding the microphone in my left hand.

Barry Lough

One of our Calysto Steelband photos was published in the local newspaper shortly after the trip.

Calysto Steelband Calgary

Here's some random stuff

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He's not a weather man, but the author of this poem:

And the Sun and the Moon and the Stars and the Sky

And the Sun and the Moon and the Stars and the Sky
When the bolide approaches some will cry.

And the Comets and the Meteoroids and the Dust and the Space
Astronomers view objects in this infinite chaotic place.

And the Rockets and the Satellites and the Stations and the Shuttle
The elite will disappear and the rest be left to cuddle.

And the Saints and the Demons and the Devil and the God
An unexpected coming and we may join Queen Maud.

And the Protons and the Neutrons and the Electrons
...and the Doctor Thomson
Our knowledge is elementary my dear Watson.

And the Protista and the Fungi and the Monera and the Plantae
Our ancestors survived mass extinctions in the kingdom Animalia.

And the Spared and the Warred and the Cared and the Scared
In Doctor Einstein's universe E=mc².

And the Inventions and the Technology and the Weapons and the Tools
Could a spaceship be big enough to fit all the fools?

When the bolide approaches some may have fun.
And the Sky and the Stars and the Moon and the Sun

~Raymond C. Roberts

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