Stuff in the Air Targeted Advertising

Why might targeted advertising work?  At, you can advertise right when your customer has a need - during the search.

In addition to weather forecasts, science, air pollution and related imagery, the site shows a passion for weather and atmosphere.

Through exclusive sponsoring relationships, it now offers relevant advertisers a chance to boost their business in their field of expertise.

Make sure you are targeting the right audience...

Don't wait until someone else does.  We've tried offline methods to advertise products and services, and they work.  Online advertising might be the way to reach solid prospects while they're in the early planning stages of their projects.

People are researching extensively online before making big economic decisions, including StuffintheAir visitors.

Companies can advertise in magazines like Scientific American, Popular Science, National Geographic, and newspapers under science news.  Some businesses make a lot of money with non-targeted advertising, but not every one; that's for sure.

It is common for subscribers to ignore print advertisements...

Instead, they search online.  An example of one of these publications charges over $25,000 per issue for a half-page black-and-white ad for USA distribution.  Big budget.  Broad Range.

How often does an average reader see a print ad?  Once.  How long will people remember it?  It's different for everyone.  Because of all this uncertainty, they're mostly used by big-budget advertisers.

A magazine reader is enjoying an article, and the advertisement might impede his progress, while a web-searcher is actively looking for a solution.  At that moment, your scientific advertising reaches them.  It's relevant to the search.

Consider online targeted advertising if you want to reach those targeted customers 24/7.  Having a website that is authoritative, relevant, and persistent makes it easier to get the advertising results you want.

What makes a good place to advertise?

What's the best place to start your environmental research?  Most likely online.

Visitors to this site are relatively educated and confident on the internet.  The most are in the USA and Canada, followed by India and the UK.  Weather and other issues related to the earth's atmosphere, like air pollution and climate change, interest them.

Here are some great keyword phrases that bring traffic to this website:

  • long range weather forecast
  • global warming pictures
  • weather network
  • how to prevent air pollution
  • barometric pressure

Google Insights presented info showing the trend in searches for "weather".  More than 20,000 unique keyword phrases containing "weather" were found on at the time. 

Check out this Google feature to see what's trending for any keyword or phrase.

Find your Client Before they Proceed

With, customers can get information early in the process, before they spend a lot of time and money.  People find the website while looking for ideas open-mindedly.

For more info on this website's web traffic, check

StuffintheAir wasn't a strictly commercial project.  Starting in 2003, it came from the heart.  We're looking for high-quality partners looking to create win-win-win advertising agreements (that's you - visitor - StuffintheAir.Com).

Can we get as many as we can?  No way.  It would dilute the effort too much.

Rates and opportunities for sponsorship

In each category (forecasting, consulting, imagery), will accept a limited number of partnerships.  We can't advertise anything that's subpar using targeted advertising.

Rates are based on:

  • site or page traffic
  • advertisement size, position and format
  • value to be exchanged

Use this form to get in touch with StuffintheAir.Com.  We'll design a program that:

  • With over 2 million page views a year, you can establish your brand
  • Directly market your products to them

Advertising Relationship

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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SITA's Targeted Advertising Policy

In each ecological category, we accept sponsorship requests from high-quality companies.  "Site Sponsors" will be equipment suppliers, consulting firms, and other credible, scientific companies.  There will be reviews before a company takes on the sponsoring role, and they won't affect the arrangement.  There will be nothing listed that isn't worthy of the reviewer's personal recommendation.

That means targeted advertising or economic relationships won't affect the review's quality or content.  The sponsor will, however, benefit from more visibility.  Please support the sponsors if you like  It's for everyone's benefit.

Are you already a sponsor?  I greatly appreciate your assistance.

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Is targeted advertising on stuff in the air right for you?

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