Nowadays we are facing many problems related to changing climatic conditions like pollution, floods, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions etc. and amongst all these, the effect of global warming is drastic.

GLOBAL WARMING: Increase in average temperature of earth is known as global warming or green house effect.

PHENOMENON: When the direct or high temperatures of sunlight fall on the polar icecaps of mountains, the ice will melt and the melted water enters the oceans in order that the level of ocean water increases and causes floods, tsunamis and eruptions which were causing lots of loss to this global.

Here the direct sunlight damaging the OZONE layer. OZONE acts as a screen for ultraviolet radiation due to the presence of excess carbon dioxide and cfc's in atmosphere. Ozone is a colorless gas which was soluble in alkalines and cold water.

Ozone is very dense layer but due to this temperature increment it became thinner even it had a hole.

Ozone is measured in dobson unit (DU). Usually global average ozone is 300DU. ozone hole average is 100DU.

*why the temperature of earth increasing?
*why the direct sunlight was falling on the earth?

Do we know WHY?...........of course,the answer is yes, we know why and we also know who is responsible, and it is WE...our earth was under threat.

We were always running through our life safety but not feeling responsible about this nature that what happening to this environment because of us, and it was causing this world wide pollution problems which was causing the temperature increment.

so its needed to take care of our mother earth. not much but a little responsibility in every person can bring change. For instance:

*use natural resources.

*grow trees if not possible at least try to avoid cutting trees.

*use paper bags rather than polythene and plastic usage.

*bring awareness among unknown.

*save power and water.

*try to recycle the things around you. Above all:


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Check this page if you need a longer list of things to do toimprove your environmental interactions.

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