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Maybe you wonder how to become a pilot. Flying your own airplane, or even being a captain of a jumbo jet. Many have that same dream and it's much more within your grasp than you may think.

There are a couple of basic requirements. For one thing, you have to be at least sixteen years old. You also have to be able to pass a physical examination.

A good first step in becoming a pilot is to sign up to take an introductory flying lesson. It might not be cheap, but it will help you get a feel for flying and will help you make determine if you even want to pursue this occupation.

How To Become a Pilot

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To find a flight school, you can check the yellow pages, or contact an organization like the AOPA - the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. They can put you in touch with someone who can introduce you to this endeavor.

One way to learn how to become a pilot is to join the Air Force. They are always looking for qualified people to learn to fly for the military.

Another idea is to get a job doing something around an airport. The more you can hang out with pilots and do work for airlines, even if you are only cleaning or fueling them, the better for learning all you can about the planes.

Aviation jobs: how to become a pilot

Pilot jobs are listed in the column on the right. Generally, there are jobs for people who want to get a college degree and for those who just want to fly. Math and science often form a required background for people who work in aviation. Especially if you have to deal with natural things such as weather.

Aviation weather reports have to be detailed, timely and accurate. Technical training and on-the-job training occur commonly in this field as well. And don't forget about air traffic control.

Pilots can work in agriculture operating crop dusters and cloud seeding planes. They can work in the business world as corporate pilots. They can fly for the military. They can also get jobs in law enforcement, flying planes and choppers to track down drug runners or other criminals. The medical field also puts pilots to work, flying helicopters and airplanes as air ambulances.

Is this a real passion for you? Maybe you have experience and are grounded for some reason. How could you still live through those emotions. Try creating a website and share your story. And make some money at it.

Becoming a pilot can offer you with a wide range of good paying, exciting jobs. Anyone with the right aptitude can learn how to become a pilot after going through the right training.

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