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Meteorology Sailing

Look at the meteorology sailing enthusiasts enjoy. Enjoy water sports? It might help to know your weather.

Sailing, for instance, is a sport that can vary widely according to how the weather is behaving. People who enjoy sailboats and yacht racing may examine local meteorology in order to excel in their hobby.

Skill and strength are both required to manoeuvre the boats that rely only on wind power to cut through the lake or ocean.

Some hobbyists forgo the dangers of sailing in favour of building and sailing model ships. Of course, meteorology is less of a study for these people, whose lives are not riding on their ability to read the sky.

Sailing can be safe and relaxing, but safety needs to always be of utmost concern in any water activities.  Even something as simple as sitting on the dock of the bay.

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Meteorology sailing and little help…

In some areas, you can sign up to take courses in sailing. In others you can take a course in meteorology (or several, as I did). For intensive training, consider taking a week long class designed to get you out offshore safely. These classes may offer training in meteorology as well as experience in handling some varieties of sailboats and larger crafts. For instance, some courses are provided by the RYA, which stands for the Royal Yacht Association, a UK group.

In addition to knowledge of some meteorology sailing out on the ocean blue requires an understanding of the tides. Any area near the ocean is likely to have education available for learning the ages old skills of handling small wind powered sailing vessels.

Avoiding storms is a big part of learning to operate a sailboat. A good course will teach about interpreting the weather, and may even have a meteorologist on staff. The study of weather and sailing the high seas go together naturally. For further skills and thrills, perhaps you can learn a little bit about navigating by the stars, too.

In the area of extreme sports, you can actually sail without going out onto the water if you snow ski with a sailed craft like the Kitewing (brand name). You still need to have an idea about the weather as sailing down the side of your mountain could expose you to some danger, and then deal with it properly if you want to stay safe out on the slopes.

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