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Department Industrial Relations

The department industrial relations and your company's public image are managed by individuals who may have to deal with environmental problems at times. Manufacturing and production companies have to be especially sensitive to these issues, especially if they have any perceived negative impact on the environment.

Have you run into some regulatory problems?  Does your facility need environmental solutions? A good consulting firm should have an solid history of collaborating with the manufacturing sector, and treat clients like gold. It helps to have a working relationship with local regulators and their staff.

It helps even more to know the laws inside and out and to have the ability to access documents providing needed guidance right the time of need. And to show you how to abide by them as efficiently as possible.

The specialties at Calvin Consulting include air quality, (which includes dispersion modelling, regulatory reporting and related services) risk management, leak detection and repair, compliance, site approval and permit applications and support, remediation and various assessment and evaluation services. See how their exceptional technology and internal process help to find your company the most cost-effective answers to ecological problems you may encounter.

Department Industrial Relations on an International Level

The flexibility of environmental companies such as this allows them to provide services without geographical limitation. We provide services to clients throughout the worldAt the same time, CCGL and their unique skills, various department industrial relations staff, and knowledge of regulations and ability to find and use technical support when needed assist in completing requirements for permitting, reporting and compliance related tasks. All within a very reasonable budget. Clients are delighted when things work out.

If your project includes any air quality regulatory issues, Calvin Consulting Group Ltd., CCGL can help. Please call Ann Jamieson at 403-560-7698 to see what we can do for you, or just ask here:

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See the lists of services available at Calvin Consulting - Get your air quality, regulatory and compliance requirements fulfilled exactly how you need it done.

Looking for work? Employment information can be found through the StuffintheAir Environmental Health and Safety Jobs page.

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