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Environmental Jobs

How does one classify environmental jobs and occupations? We have an organization that recognizes environmental professional certification. This company is known as ECO Canada, and such professionalism requires an established language for use within the various disciplines involved. Therefore, they find it necessary to define the terms listed below.

Environmental Employment on Workopolis - Working towards sustainability, using resources effectively and reducing or eliminating harmful impacts.

Environmental Professional

(Click to see the Calgary Herald postings) - Meant to include environmental workers of all types. They could include sample collectors, testers and analysts, policy developers, trainers, managers, regulatory affair professionals and entrepreneurs for instance.

Many disciplines provide environmental expertise, but they all have a few elements in common:

  1. Environmental science, terminology and technology
  2. Environment impact of human activities
  3. Natural resources and their value to us, the need to protect, conserve and restore them if possible
  4. Environmental issues that affect the whole world
    • population growth and the limits to population
    • biodiversity and things that affect food supply
    • management of water and energy resources
    • pollution of air, land and water, including air quality modeling jobs
    • climate change, including global warming
    • environmental impact assessments and other ways of handling problematic issues
  5. Management of environmental risks and dealing with sustainable development and efficient use of resources
  6. Environmental businesses
  7. Environmental agreements and legislation relevant to their organization.

More environmental jobs

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Marine Biology Jobs

Environmental Practitioner - Worker with technical expertise in an environmental field such as air or water testing, policy design, or site remediation, to name a few. The expertise required for these jobs normally includes a multi-disiplinary approach, sometimes based on an degree of academic study, such as biology. Subsequent environmental credentials may be obtained during employment or further training.

Environmental Manager - A manager in an environmental field. They provide direction and leadership to their teams, employers and clients. They also provide guidance and accountability. Usually they begin as technical experts and managerial competencies are added to that base of skills as they progress through their careers. Many managers serve as practitioners as well.

One company, Calvin Consulting Group Ltd., offers services in these areas of expertise and more. If your company needs this type of work done, please call Barry J. Lough at 403-547-7557 or reach him by email at barry.lough @ calvinconsulting.ca (remove spaces).

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