The Green Path: Unravelling Environmental Jobs and Careers

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What's the best way to classify environmental jobs?  There's an organization that recognizes environmental professionals.  A group like ECO Canada needs an established language for use within the various disciplines.

Discover the key to understanding environmental careers.  In order to ensure consistency across industries, ECO Canada defines environmental roles and keeps a comprehensive list of recognized terms and definitions.

Learn how scientists, practitioners, and managers shape the future of environmental sustainability with their multidisciplinary expertise.  Find opportunities and resources on top job boards like Workopolis, ZipRecruiter, and, whether you're a job seeker or an employer.

Therefore, they need to define these terms.  ECO Canada defines an Environmental Scientist as someone who uses biology, chemistry, earth sciences, and ecology to analyze and solve environmental problems.

ECO Canada offers certifications in sustainability management, environmental management, and environmental engineering.  To ensure common language across industries, they keep a list of recognized environmental terms and definitions.  By doing this, they can make sure their certification standards are met consistently.

Environmental jobs and occupations are related to ecosystems and the environment, as well as any activity that impacts the environment, like energy production, waste management, and water conservation.  Professional certification from ECO Canada ensures that all activities in the environmental sector are conducted with the same level of knowledge and expertise.

Environmental Employment - Workopolis, working towards sustainability, using resources effectively, and reducing or eliminating harmful effects.  

Workopolis is a Canadian job board and resource website where people could search for jobs and apply online.  It has job listings, resume templates, career advice, and more.  Workopolis lets employers post job listings and reach a lot of job seekers.  Employers can use it to manage hiring.  Many of the job listings are still there after it was bought by Indeed in 2018.

Environmental Professional - ZipRecruiter connects job seekers and employers online.  Employers can post job listings and use tools to manage hiring.  You can search for jobs and set up job alerts on the platform.  Job seekers can also find helpful resources there.

Job Search Canada | Find Your Next Job With The Calgary Herald ( - For all types of environmental workers.  They could be sample collectors, testers, analysts, policy developers, trainers, managers, regulatory affairs professionals, or entrepreneurs.  

Several disciplines provide environmental expertise, but they all share a few things:

  1. Environmental science, terminology and technology
  2. Environment impact of human activities
  3. We need to protect, conserve, and restore our natural resources
  4. There are environmental issues that affect the whole world: population growth and the limits to population biodiversity and food supply management of water and energy resources pollution of air, land, and water, including air quality modeling jobs climate change, including global warming environmental impact assessments and other ways to deal with problematic issues
  5. Dealing with environmental risks and sustainable development
  6. Environmental businesses
  7. Their organization's environmental agreements and legislation.

More environmental jobs

In Canada, ECO Canada offers environmental job training, certification, and career services, including an environmental jobs board.  Individuals and employers in the environmental sector can get resources and services from them.

Environmental Practitioner - Canada Job Bank provides job listings and employment services to job seekers and employers across the country.  There's a lot of job opportunities on the Government of Canada's website.  Resources and tools are also available to help job seekers with resume writing, job search strategies, and career planning.

Create an account on the Canada Job Bank and upload your resume if you want to apply for a job.  Before applying, make sure you read the job posting carefully. Some jobs may also require additional materials or assessments.

See this worker with technical expertise in environmental fields like air or water testing, policy design, or site remediation.  These jobs usually require a multidisciplinary approach, and sometimes a degree in an academic field like biology.  During employment or further training, you can get the environmental credentials you need.

Environmental Manager - is a popular job search site in Canada that has job listings and employment resources.  You can search for jobs based on your location, industry, job title, etc.  From the website, you can search for job postings by entering keywords related to the job you're looking for, and your preferred location.  Your search results can also be filtered by salary range, job type, and employer.

Besides job listings, offers career resources and tools to help job seekers write resumes, prepare for interviews, and get career advice.  You can also create a profile on the website to save your job searches and get alerts about new jobs.  You can apply directly through if you find a job posting you like by uploading your resume and cover letter.  Make sure you read the job posting carefully before applying, as some jobs may require additional materials or assessments.

Manager in the environmental field.  They lead their teams, employers, and clients.  In addition, they provide guidance and accountability.  As they progress through their careers, they add managerial skills to that base of skills.  Managers are often practitioners too.

One company, Calvin Consulting Group Ltd., offers services in these areas of expertise and more.  We specialize in air quality.  If your company needs environmental work done, please email Barry J. Lough at...


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