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Meteorology tests to evaluate your career

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Meteorology Tests

Meteorology tests fall into a special category of science examinations that are not easy. From the chapter tests in your high school courses to certification examinations from the American Meteorological Society (AMS), tests in weather forecasting are bound to challenge your understanding and memory skills!

The AMS is the USA's top professional organization for meteorologists and other atmospheric scientists. They offer a program to help you become a certified broadcast meteorologist, or an operational meteorologist. Another program certifies that you are a consulting meteorologist.

A career in broadcasting

The test for certified broadcast meteorologists was developed to raise the standards in the industry and to develop greater

understanding of issues involved in broadcast meteorology.

To take the test to become a certified broadcast meteorologist (CBM), you must already have a degree in weather science from a college. You also have to be able to pass a test that covers both written knowledge and skills in verbal explanations.

The CBM program was launched in January 2005. However, since 1957, broadcast meteorologists have been able to qualify for an "AMS Seal of Approval" by completing certain meteorology tests. This certification recognizes weather forecasters and reporters for high quality performance.

If a broadcast meteorologist wishes to receive a Seal of Approval, he or she must submit examples of the completed work to the AMS, which will then evaluate his or her performance in some of you basic science skills as well as special topics related to weather such as analysis, diagnosis, forecasting and communicating weather information.

Meteorologists who already hold the Seal of Approval can take the examination to become a CBM without obtaining a meteorology degree first. If you lack a degree, the rules have changed recently and you should go check for yourself.

Preparatory meteorology tests

If you're an aspiring weather reporter who is still in high school, you can be getting prepared for university meteorological courses and tests now. Some courses that are recommended are a year each of chemistry and physics, and all the high school math you can get.

If you can get AP classes or introductory college level classes, that is even better. Also try to take courses in earth science and astronomy. Foreign language classes and computer skills are also helpful prerequisites for studying meteorology in college.

Already qualified and looking for work? Check the jobs listed on the right.

Like all sciences, learning about the weather includes some difficult concepts and requires diligent study and consideration. If you have a goal of becoming a meteorologist, though, just apply yourself and you'll pass those meteorology tests with flying colors!

Finally there is always the option to go into business for yourself, whether it is consulting, scientific equipment or online information services, such as this page you're reading.

Or something crazy like music:

It's good for you and That's what I do in my spare time

Good luck with your career.

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