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Meteorology Internship

What is a meteorology internship for? Have you ever thought it might be interesting to learn to be a meteorologist? If you like watching the weather, both outside and on TV, then a meteorological internship might be for you.

Meteorology can be studied at most major colleges, although some have a more thorough program of study than others.

Basically, you need to be interested in math and physical sciences in order to enjoy learning about meteorology. Government meteorology internships are offered to college graduates who have been studying the science of meteorology for two or three years or more.

Internships generally pay the student for undergoing the training and other tasks related to meteorology, and require a degree as a prerequisite, in Canada anyway. While carrying out the work, the student gains a great deal of useful hands-on experience in operational weather science.

It's a tough program and many do not successfully complete the training.

If this meteorology internship is not for you, then what?

You can always give entertainment a try. I did.

There are more on Youtube.

Alternatively, you might find an internship at a radio or television station doing weather forecasts.

If you are interested in communications, in becoming a TV weather reporter, such an internship would be a great opportunity. Even for less pay, the education gained would still be invaluable.

In addition to broadcast media weather reporting, you may be able to find an internship in the areas of aviation weather, forestry weather services or marine weather forecasts.

Consulting meteorology positions are directed toward air quality management - AQM pollution research and ecology.

Whatever the area of emphasis, you will be more well equipped to do the work involved if you have solid work experience with computers and basic computer programs. See the Environmental Health and Safety Jobs page for more opportunities.

To find out about possibly entering an internship, do a web search. Not all internships offer a salary, but if the opportunity does not offer pay, it might offer college credits. Of course, landing a great internship might not be easy, especially if there is a lot of competition for the position.

However, if you have good grades and good references as a worker, you may be the one who is chosen! Then you will find out if it is really your thing.

One other thing you can do is go into web design. See the contents of this website.

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