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Making paper air planes remains a popular pastime. Let the kids bring some creativity to life and for the grown-ups, this healthy pursuit can bring back cherished memories of youth.

You've probably heard that the best things in life are never easy, but maybe this is an exception. You should find making a good cheap air plane both simple and easy.

For one thing all you need is a sheet of paper. No scissors, no glue, no clips, just a plain sheet of paper can do the job.

Whoever said paper air planes are one of the greatest creations, if anybody, couldn't have missed the mark by far. No matter what the age group, a paper plane provides fun for one and all.

No. Not just for kids; even the elderly and disabled can make and enjoy paper planes. Often WITH the kids, but whatever...

What to do with these air toys.

Throw your paper air plane to play with your pet in the park, if so inclined. Maybe even use it to pass notes from one corner of the class to another, with some skill. However, it's advisable to be careful as it could lead you towards the principal's office.

You can hold paper airplane races; see whose plane goes the furthest or maybe the highest. Add a touch of personality to your plane by decorating it with your favorite colors and graphics.

What basics that you need to know to build the perfect origami paper planes?

There are many designs that you can try out. You can even visit the internet to find creative and innovative new ideas. Some popular paper airplane designs carry colorful names such as the Deltry, Moth, Tumbler, Canada goose and others.

Simple paper air planes

For starters, though, here is the basic design.

Paper Air Planes

Check other easy to fold designs and illustrations on the web that can help you transform that piece of paper into a unique and efficient flying machine. Generally, you would:

  • Start with an 8 ½ x 11 inch sheet of paper. Preferably some thick paper for a good sturdy plane.
  • Ensure that you make tight folds; this creates a more efficient flying model.
  • For performing tricks like loops and curls, crease the tips of the wings slightly. But make sure not to bend too much as this can make your airplane crash land in no time.
  • If you want your origami paper plane to perform a backward dive, try holding the plane above your head and throw it off a high area. Good places to try this trick would be a balcony or maybe the stairs. Also, it might help if the tips of the plane are folded up and the nose pointed at the sky when you drop the plane.

Launch your master craft indoors or outside; no harm done. Parents find paper planes a great way to keep their kids occupied and out of trouble. Usually.

Whenever you have spare time, why not sit down with a piece of paper and build your very own paper plane? Making paper airplanes is not rocket science, obviously. Anyone and every one of us can do it.

And there lies the beauty of this hobby. So, grab a piece of paper and let your creativity soar. Relive your childhood. Happy flying!

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