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Congratulations! You just found a meteorology graduate online. For supplemental meteorology lessons, I've been putting together this website outlining some of the content from my studies and its applications.  

Meteorology Graduate Online

I studied at the University of Alberta in Edmonton in the early 1990s.  There are only a few meteorology programs in Canada, and they have a lot of grad students.

Contact any of the professors in the department if you'd rather study in person than online.  Here is one of my former profs - Dr. Wilson.

What is the relevance of an meteorological degree to a postgraduate business degree, such as an MBA?

Undergraduate studies in atmospheric science or a related field can provide a unique and valuable educational background for MBA candidates. There are several ways in which atmospheric science and business can work together, even if the direct connection isn't obvious:

- Analytical and problem-solving skills: Atmospheric science involves data analysis, modeling, and problem-solving, which are valuable business skills. Making data-driven decisions can help you tackle complex business challenges.

- You'll be able to conduct research, analyze information, and think critically with a background in atmospheric science. In business research, market analysis, and strategic decision-making, these skills are highly valuable.

- Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility: With growing concerns about sustainability and environmental impact, businesses are paying more attention to these issues. By understanding atmospheric science, you can help address environmental challenges and develop sustainable business practices.

- Atmospheric science involves assessing and managing weather events and climate change risks. You can use these skills in the business world, where understanding and mitigating risks are crucial.

- A diverse educational background can give you a fresh perspective on business. By understanding atmospheric science, you can come up with innovative solutions to problems.

Studying atmospheric science as an undergraduate may not directly align with an MBA curriculum, but it can give you a unique perspective and skill set that can make you stand out. To prepare for a future MBA program, it's important to complement your undergraduate studies with business-related coursework or experiences.

How to amuse a meteorology graduate online

See if any of these topics below will help you.  Online classes, apprenticeships, and self-learning are all great ways to keep learning.  Many universities now offer distance learning and virtual courses for people who can't attend in-person classes.  Further your education with books, websites, on-the-job training and other sources of information.

  1. Check out the Article Meteorology page for meteorology magazine articles.  The topics range from weather forecasting to climate change.  Experts provide reliable information and insights in the articles.  Keep up with the latest meteorology developments on this page.  
  2. Snow images, pictures of snowstorms, snowfall aftermath and Snow Wallpaper Snowflakes, Great snowball material, Canadian snow and snow crystals.  You can use these images to create a winter wonderland atmosphere for any project.  Photographers can also capture winter in all its glory with snow images.
  3. Weather instrument descriptions, Weather Equipment and Various meteorology instruments find the right weather measuring instrument for the job.  This article describes various meteorological instruments so readers can find the right one for their needs.
  4. Barometric pressure instruments - baromater makes What? Barometer pressure instruments measure atmospheric pressure and changes in pressure caused by weather changes.  Meteorologists use them to predict weather patterns.  Altitude is also measured with barometers in aviation.
  5. Weather satellite info and satellite imagery for you - Image satellite weather and satellite weather needed by every meteorology graduate online.  Here's what you need to know about weather satellites and satellite imagery, including how to interpret varying color wavelengths.
  6. You'll need some sunscreen. Hot sun surface temperatures.    Satellites equipment is powered by the sun.  Satellites use solar panels to capture the sun's energy and convert it into electricity.  For satellites in orbit around the Earth, solar cells are the most common source of power.  They're also used for space exploration missions.
  7. Satellite pics: your earth photo satellite Learn to set varying color wavelengths to interpret satellite imagery.  How to interpret satellite imagery of Earth, including how to adjust the color wavelengths to highlight different features or phenomena.
  8. Radar real time weather - A bit about interpreting radar weather information.  Real-time weather with Doppler radar: This article explains how Doppler radar works and how to interpret it, how to read radar images and understand weather patterns in real-time.
  9. Interpreting Doppler radar weather How does doppler radar work? A Doppler radar sends out pulses of radio waves in all directions.  Radar waves bounce off particles in the atmosphere, like rain and snow, and are reflected back.  Using the reflected waves, the receiver measures the speed and direction of objects in the atmosphere.
  10. National radar weather systems are complex systems. Here are Answers to technical and not so frequently asked questions.  Rainfall and snow are included, as well as highs and lows.  The radar weather system can also tell you about wind speed and direction, cloud cover, and other atmospheric conditions.  Tornadoes, thunderstorms, and hurricanes can be detected with them. 
  11. Introduction to forecast map weather interpretation. Use a national weather map to get a national weather forecast.  Here's how to get a national weather forecast using a national weather map: This article shows you how to read different types of weather maps and how to understand the symbols and terminology used in weather forecasting, including how to interpret forecast maps.
  12. Atmosphere layers with examples that include the Ozone layer and boundary layers.  An overview of the different layers of the Earth's atmosphere, including the ozone layer and boundary layers, and how they affect weather patterns.
  13. Chasing storms using maps to find interesting weather; wind speed maps, barometric pressure maps - they all help.  Chasing storms with maps: This involves tracking and locating severe weather conditions like thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes using weather maps.  Maps of wind speed and barometric pressure are some tools we use.
  14. Conservation momentum, building ridges and growing troughs. Evolving features on the weather forecast map.  The movement and interaction of air masses in the atmosphere lead to the formation of weather patterns.  A ridge is an area of high pressure, while a trough is an area of low pressure, and momentum plays a role in their movement.
  15. Short science articles and news. Maybe get a science project idea. Maybe become a meteorology graduate online, yourself.  Articles and news about recent developments and discoveries in meteorology and related fields.  You can use them for inspiration for science projects or to keep up with the latest research.
  16. Air quality testers to determine Air Health, quality by monitoring and testing the air. Main occupation of this meteorology graduate online.  Testing air quality to determine air quality: This involves monitoring and testing air quality to identify and mitigate air pollution sources.  Meteorologists who specialize in air quality have an important job.
  17. Models for air pollution air quality modelling - mathematical calculators to solve air quality problems. Air quality modeling. How do you build a factory with air emissions and know it can be safe?  Air pollution models: These tools are used to simulate and predict air quality, like the effects of factory emissions or changing weather patterns.  Air quality model results help policymakers and stakeholders make better decisions.
  18. Solution Global Warming: research to come up with a solution.  Global Warming: This involves finding solutions to the problem of global warming, which may be caused by human activities that release greenhouse gases.
  19. Fact about global warming - Global climate change and a few basic realities.  Global climate change and some basic realities: This article discusses the science behind global climate change, including the evidence for it and the mechanisms driving it.  It also addresses some misconceptions and controversies.
  20. Article Environmental Science:  Read about meteorology, current articles and some nitty gritty. All by this meteorology graduate online.  Environmental Science: This category covers a wide range of topics related to the environment, including meteorology.  Research findings and in-depth information can be found there.
  21. Environmental Health and Safety jobs - Job information in meteorology and other environmental sciences.  About career opportunities in environmental health and safety.  These jobs involve studying the atmosphere and climate, as well as monitoring and reducing the impact of human activities on the environment.  EHS professionals help make sure regulations and safety standards are followed at work and assess and minimize risks.  As well as safety training, they provide education.
  22. Meet this weather man, the meteorology graduate online who designed these web pages including some background info about their work.  He gives weather forecasts, climate change news, and other stuff.  Users can also ask questions and get detailed answers on his website.  To help people make better decisions, he provides accurate information.
  23. Earth science articles about hard working employees at an environmental consultancy.  In the articles, they'll talk about how they protect the environment and reduce pollution.  They'll also talk about their innovative solutions to the climate crisis.  Finally, the articles will talk about how important it is to preserve the planet for future generations.
  24. Natural resource of Canada such as the Mining Industry and geo-environmental consulting.  An article about natural resources in Canada, including the mining industry, and the role of geo-environmental consulting in managing environmental impacts.
  25. Water pollution pictures and water cycle - Stop industrial pollution.  Pictures of water pollution and the water cycle - Stop industrial pollution.  Pollution from industry has ruined the environment and lowered water quality.  We need to protect our water resources for future generations by reducing industrial pollution.  It's also important to restore polluted water sources.
  26. Thermometer pictures where examples include wireless thermometer and antique thermometers and how they measure temperature.  Using liquid expansion, electrical resistance, and optical principles, thermometers measure temperature.  There are also digital thermometers that use thermistors.  Infrared radiation can also be used to measure temperature.
  27. Environment human interactions: audits, regulatory, compliance and related issues between humans and the environment.  Natural resources and habitats are often at stake in these issues.  They also enforce environmental laws and regulations and monitor environmental performance.  Healthy and sustainable environments depend on human interactions.
  28. Air pollution What is being done about it? A few air pollution facts and possible solutions.   Globally, governments are enacting legislation to reduce air pollution, like limiting vehicle emissions and industrial pollutants.  Alternative energy sources like wind, solar, and hydro are also being developed to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.  As a final step, public awareness campaigns are being used to educate people about air pollution's health risks.
  29. Disaster recovery plan example Transportation industry environmental consulting, work with government agencies such as Transport Canada.  Environmental consulting for the transportation industry, working with government agencies like Transport Canada: In this article, environmental consultants work with government agencies like Transport Canada to make disaster recovery plans for the transportation industry, so both the environment and people are safe.
  30. Ecosystem fresh water: Soil sampling, soil pictures, ph soil testers and other services.  We're going to talk about services provided by environmental consultants like soil sampling, soil pictures, and pH soil testing, which help us monitor and improve the health of ecosystems that rely on freshwater.
  31. Consultancy Health Safety Professional research consultants for environmental and air quality protection.   This one talks about the work of health and safety professional research consultants.
  32. Science Helps: Research office for regulatory services and environmental compliance.  This page explains how scientific research informs regulatory services and ensures compliance with environmental laws.
  33. Physics formula for Atmospheric pressure calculations and Chart elevations with pressure.  There's a formula that goes like this: P = 101.325 x (1 - 0.0065 z/T)^(5.255877).  A pressure point's elevation is determined by using charts.
  34. Forecast hourly weather - Air deformation, elastic stretching, twisting, squashing and so on and how they affect hourly weather forecasts.  Different processes change the atmosphere, which can be used to predict the weather.  These predictions can then be used to let people know what to expect throughout the day.  For planning activities, hourly weather forecasts are invaluable.
  35. Rain forests - This article focuses on efforts to preserve plants in rain forests and other natural environments, highlighting the importance of conservation.  There are millions of species of plants, animals, and insects in rain forests, many of which are still unknown.  Protecting and conserving these areas is essential to preserving biodiversity.  Rain forests can have devastating effects on the environment if they're destroyed.
  36. On this map radar weather is evaluated for radar usefulness, how radar weather is analyzed on a map, helping meteorologists predict and track weather.  You can also measure rainfall amounts, wind speeds, and cloud heights with it.  Storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes can also be detected with radar weather analysis.
  37. Radar site weather - How weather radar converts the the signal to rainfall strength, which meteorologists can use to track and forecast weather.  Radar sites emit radio waves that bounce off precipitation particles.  Using the returned signal, we can measure the intensity of the precipitation, as well as its location and direction.  Meteorologists use this data to track and forecast the weather using a weather map.
  38. Live picture satellite - Light needed for satellite photos, what wavelengths does a satellite use?   Satellites collect light from visible, infrared, and microwave wavelengths.  Temperature or vegetation can be measured with different wavelengths.  Changes in the Earth's surface can also be detected by satellites.
  39. Hygrometer makes - A hygrometer measures moisture content in the air.  It measures humidity levels in a given environment.  Hygrometers can help maintain optimal humidity levels for a variety of things.
  40. House picture satellite, and resolution - satellites use graphic pixels to focus on the earth.  Pixels are used to create images of the Earth's surface, which can be used for monitoring the environment, weather forecasting, and surveillance.  Images from high-resolution satellites can have detail as small as one meter.
  41. A few global warming pictures - This article has drawings and movies about it.  Images like these help illustrate the effects of climate change and why we need to act.  They can also inspire people to make a difference in their lives.  In the end, these visuals can motivate people to work together.
  42. Look at some severe weather pictures: - This article has photos of severe weather events and storm chasing.  These photos show how quickly weather can change and how powerful nature is.  They also show how important it is to stay prepared for severe weather.  Stay safe, it's a reminder.
  43. Air pollution articles - a scientific newsletter once a month by your friendly meteorology graduate online.  Newsletters provide info on air pollution levels, effects, and how to reduce it.  In each issue, you'll find tips and resources to help you protect your air.  Research studies and educational materials will also be available to subscribers.
  44. How do weather rain gauges work? Different types of rain gauge equipment.  By collecting rain into a container, rain gauges measure how much rain falls in a certain area.  There's a scale on the container so you can measure how much rain has fallen.  Analog or digital rain gauges can be installed anywhere.
  45. Definition Dew Point - Vapor and water latent heat, energy, heat transfer and fuel for storms.  This article defines and explains various meteorological terms related to moisture, heat, and energy, such as dew point vapor and water latent heat.
  46. Weather stations - Federal government weather observations taken at airports. Learn how to read them.  In this article, we explain how to interpret weather observations taken at airports by the federal government.
  47. NOAA Radar Weather - Components of weather radar apparatus. How does it work?  Radars work by sending out microwave energy, which reflects off raindrops, snowflakes, and hail stones.  As the radar receives the reflected energy, it calculates the location, intensity, and type of precipitation.  Weather forecasts and warnings are based on this data.
  48. Alberta Oil Rigs Oil Rig Companies need environmental services too.  Monitoring, testing, and remediation of contaminated sites are all part of environmental services.  These services help reduce the environmental impact of oil rigs and keep the area safe for wildlife and people.  To protect their reputation and comply with regulations, companies need these services.
  49. Atmosphere Lesson Plans - Science lesson plan examples to stimulate ideas.  Teachers can use these lesson plans to create dynamic and engaging lessons.  Teachers can adapt them to fit different age groups and skill levels.
  50. Bureau Meteorology A look at the weather in Australia.  The climate varies from tropical in the north to temperate in the south.  Warm ocean currents influence the climate a lot.  Weather forecasting and climate monitoring are done by the Bureau of Meteorology.
  51. Climate Change Global Warming See if the global climate is changing. A few facts and public opinion. And some meteorology graduate online thoughts, if I may.  Since the late 19th century, the Earth's average surface temperature has risen more than 1°C.  Additionally, the global sea level has risen by 8 inches in the same time period.
  52. Department Industrial Relations - Environmental solutions for the manufacturing sector. Manufactures may need help with these problems.  We help manufacturers reduce their environmental impact.  It includes air and water pollution, waste management, and energy efficiency.  We also give you advice on how to comply with environmental laws.
  53. Forecast Future Weather - Advection: It makes sense that a force such as a jet stream wind can blow weather around.  Weather is determined by advection, which is the movement of air.  Over a certain area, advection can forecast changes in temperature, humidity, and precipitation.  
  54. Importance Recycling - Waste management jobs: How this consultancy can develop environmental management solutions.  Recycling processes and systems can be implemented, monitored, and improved to reduce waste.  The consultancy can also educate and train employees about recycling, so waste management gets more efficient.
  55. Industrial Invention Revolution - A solution for treating contaminated soil... that you've probably never heard of before.  An electrochemical process breaks down toxins, contaminants, and other pollutants in soil.  As a result, soils can be restored to their natural state, allowing them to be used for productive farming.  It's safe and cost-effective.
  56. Map Photo Satellite - Advanced uses for weather satellites. Unusual concepts for processing a satellite picture from space.  A variety of applications can be done with these images, like monitoring crops, land use, and tracking hurricanes.  They can also be used to track land cover changes, detect pollution, and measure vegetation health.
  57. Onsite Engineering and Environmental - Property insurance won't cover everything. Have a variety of environmental jobs conducted on commercial or industrial real estate before purchasing.
  58. Society Toxicology - Insurance risk services from an environmental point of view. Risk assessments and other toxicology jobs.  Insurance companies use risk assessments and toxicology jobs to figure out their risk exposure.  Society Toxicology provides insurance companies with up-to-date and comprehensive data about environmental risks.  As a result, environmental hazards are less expensive.
  59. Weather Jet Streams - Air-atmospheric pressure changes cause winds. The so-called Buys Ballot Law.  If you're facing the wind, the weather will be on your left in the northern hemisphere and on your right in the southern hemisphere.  Jet streams are fast-moving, meandering air currents in the atmosphere that can reach speeds of 300 mph.  Extreme weather can be caused by them because they're strong enough to influence weather patterns.
  60. Weather map Symbols - Vortices in the air: wind spinner.  Wind spinners indicate high pressure, while meteorological vorticities indicate low pressure.  Wind directions, air temperature, and other weather conditions are shown with these symbols.
  61. The real Weather Vane Store - Garden weather vanes: A thing or two about wind power. See some custom weather vanes.  Browse our selection of garden weather vanes, custom-made to fit any outdoor space.  Bring life to your garden with these wind-powered sculptures.  We've got a variety of styles to match your garden.
  62. World map Latitude Longitude - Upper air winds prediction: waves and oscillations on the upper air map.  Wind speed, direction, and pressure can be predicted by these waves and oscillations.  As a result, we can forecast weather patterns and predict extreme weather.
  63. Global Warming Articles - Global warming FAQ. Frequently asked questions about global warming research. Includes questions sent to this meteorology graduate online.  The FAQ answers common questions about global warming, like its causes, effects, and ways to reduce its impact.  There are also links to more information if you want to dig deeper.
  64. First Law of Thermodynamics - Radiosondes and tephigram interpretation. How to read skew-t data from upper air soundings.  First Law of Thermodynamics describes the relationship between energy, heat, and work.  Among other things, radiosondes measure temperature, humidity, and pressure in the atmosphere.  Tephigrams are graphs that plot radiosonde measurements.  The article discusses how to interpret the data from radiosondes and tephigrams to gain insights into atmospheric conditions, which can help forecast weather.
  65. Water Vapor Maps - Moist adiabatic lapse rate. How it differs from standard adiabatic lapse.  These show how much water vapor is present in the air at any given time.  In addition to predicting precipitation and weather patterns, they help us understand humidity and moisture content.  The moist adiabatic lapse rate is how fast air cools as it rises and expands.
  66. Temperature Conversions - Finding average weather temperatures or humidity in various layers of atmosphere.  Converting temperatures from one unit of measurement to another, like Celsius to Fahrenheit or Kelvin to Celsius, is what temperature conversions do.  Understanding weather patterns and making accurate predictions depends on it.
  67. Wireless Thermometers - Problems for radiosonde decoding software to correct: how meteorological technicians deal with these.  A wireless thermometer can be used remotely, without having to touch the object or environment being measured.  In meteorology, they measure temperature in different layers of the atmosphere, and they monitor weather patterns in real time.
  68. Weather Convection Currents = Instability in fluids: lapse rates, meteorology and stability.  These are air currents that form when air masses in the atmosphere heat and cool.  They shape weather patterns and can cause thunderstorms and other severe weather.
  69. Different Types of Clouds - Atmospheric stability class: How changing the vertical motion results in a different type of cloud.  Each type has its own characteristics and formations.  Predicting weather patterns and identifying potential hazards depends on understanding clouds.
  70. Explain Humidity - Latent heat definition: with examples of condensation and its consequences.  The amount of water vapor in the air is called humidity.  Temperature, precipitation, and atmospheric stability are all affected by it.  When water changes states, like from vapor to liquid or vice versa, it absorbs or releases latent heat.
  71. Thunderstorm Cumulus Clouds - Convection picture and explanations of physical parameters.  It's the formation and characteristics of cumulus clouds that lead to thunderstorms.  It might explain how cumulus clouds form and how they turn into thunderstorms.
  72. Causes of Lightning Thunder - Convection examples: which fluid dynamic equation will help us here?  This one explains how lightning is generated in thunderstorms and how convection plays a role.  The fluid dynamic equation may also be mentioned.
  73. Weather Inversions - A temperature inversion lesson. And a few points about the elevation-temperature relationship.  Temperature inversions happen when a layer of warm air traps cooler air underneath, creating a stable atmosphere.  Inversions may also be explained by comparing with the usual relationship between elevation and temperature.
  74. Search Engines for Weather - Do a little anonymous web search. Useful if you need to write a research paper.  Weather-related search engines and resources are listed here.  
  75. Internet Business Leads - A Money making home business opportunity. Will this business harm the environment? Certainly not.  It used to tell you about a money-making home business opportunity and its environmental impact.
  76. Webpage Weather Links - Free weather links: for your webpage. Learning links, air quality links, interesting links.  This page offers free weather-related links you can add to your webpage, like learning links, air quality links, and interesting links.
  77. Cartoon Scientist - Example of a career ENTP personality types are good at? Based on the Myers Briggs type indicator.  Cartoon Scientist describes a scientist with an ENTP personality type, according to Myers Briggs.
  78. Enviroment Canada weather - With Environment Canada, find out all about Canadian weather.  Weather forecasts, climate info, weather alerts, and more.  In addition, it offers resources to help people stay safe and informed during extreme weather.  For Canadians, it's a great source of info.
  79. Aviation weather Canada - Get forecasts from the NAV Canada aviation weather web site.  Get aviation weather reports, maps, charts, and NOTAMs. Get the latest weather info from the Canadian Meteorological Centre.  Make sure you stay on top of the latest weather developments.
  80. Canada radar weather. - See local radar weather images for your area.  Weather updates and forecasts in real-time.  Get weather alerts and warnings as they happen.  Get the latest weather info to stay safe.
  81. Long range weather forecast Canada - Canadian weather outlook.  Environment and Climate Change Canada provides the long-range weather forecast.  All regions of the country are covered.  There's also info on severe weather.
  82. Environment Canada Weather Office - Meteorology Canada; what kind of weather Canada forecasters are calling for.  The weather in Canada can be unpredictable, with sudden changes in temperature and precipitation.  Satellites, radars, and weather stations help forecasters track weather patterns.  Canadians can use their information to stay safe and prepare for extreme weather.
  83. Environment Canada Weather Report - National weather warnings. Weather watch and warning pages, Canadian style.  Environment Canada meteorologists issue weather warnings for significant weather events.  Environment Canada meteorologists issue weather warnings for significant weather events.  Public warnings warn about potentially hazardous weather events like freezing rain, heavy snow, strong winds, and heat.  Air quality advisories, smog alerts, and forest fire warnings are also issued.
  84. Weather Network Canada - Our Canadian network weather broadcasts. Weather information and meteorology jobs for TV.  We provide accurate and up-to-date weather information to viewers in Canada and the U.S.  Also, we do weather jobs for TV, radio, and online.  They're highly trained and experienced in forecasting and delivering the latest weather info.
  85. Under ground weather. - Use the web site operated by the weather underground organization.  You can get detailed local weather reports and forecasts from Weather Underground.  It also has interactive maps, satellite images, and historical data.  Over 250,000 weather stations power the website.
  86. Weather in Alberta Canada - Alberta weather, one of the Canada climate regions, including a bit about the chinook wind.  Alberta has a continental climate with cold winters and warm summers.  A chinook wind, a warm dry wind, blows regularly in Alberta and can raise temperatures by as much as 25C in just a few hours.  In the summer, Alberta gets severe thunderstorms.
  87. Weather Calgary from Environment Canada and TWN (The Weather Network).  Both provide accurate Calgary weather forecasts.  Environment Canada gives a broader overview of the weather, while TWN offers more localized forecasts.
  88. Online Weather Reports Florida - What kind of weather Orlando and other Sunshine State cities can expect.  The summers in Orlando and other Florida cities are hot and humid, and the winters are mild.  There may also be frequent thunderstorms in some areas.  Floridians can check online weather reports for up-to-date information.
  89. noah weather website - FLASH FLOODS and other National Weather Bureau information.  The NOAA site has weather forecasts, severe weather warnings, and other weather info.  There's also interactive maps, satellite imagery, and radar data on the site.  For keeping up with the latest weather, it's a great resource.
  90. Online Weather Reports - Get your weather forecast online. What to do with a meteorology graduate online.  Graduates of online meteorology can work as freelance meteorologists.  They can also work in weather-related businesses.  As an alternative, they can work for government agencies.
  91. Mathematics used in meteorology. - How does math help us make weather forecasts?  Models analyze the atmosphere to predict where a storm will move, how fast it will move, and what type of precipitation it will produce.  Meteorologists also use equations to calculate how much energy is exchanged between the atmosphere and the ground.  As a result, weather forecasts are more accurate.
  92. Barometric Pressure Definition - A little air pressure science: Some common and meteorology definitions.  At a given point, barometric pressure is the pressure exerted by the atmosphere.  The pressure is measured in millibars or inches of mercury, and it's important for weather forecasting.  A low pressure system means stormy weather, whereas a high pressure system means clear skies.
  93. How to Make a Barometer - Don't know who invented the barometer? Do this and pretend it was you.  Gather the supplies you need.  Try it out.  Calibrate to make sure your barometer is accurate.

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