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Under Ground Weather

What makes the under ground weather website unique? Animated national-scale plots of recent weather observations. With these, you can watch the temperatures as they have changed over the country over the last eight hours or so.

Which country? The default is the USA, but there is a little map and left-hand table available to pick the country of your choice from the under weather world menu.

Underground weather: wunderground

Once you have that selected, decide whether you want to look at temperatures, winds, visibility, satellite or jet stream, amongst other parameters. You can hit expand to view a full screen map and animate to put it in motion.

The map is followed by historic information. A summary and individual forecasts are available at the bottom of the page, just pick your location. If you prefer metric, just select it near the upper left-hand corner.

Across the top of the page are options including radar, trip planning, activity forecasts, and personal weather stations.

Some of wunderground's other pages deal with weather forecast information pages for specific locales. See an example for Las Vegas.

Under ground Weather: Wundermap

Weather Underground collects real time weather information from thousands of observation stations, and not just major ones such as airports and universities. A city of a million people may have twenty or so live stations scattered throughout that are plotted on a map.

This interactive service enables you to make quick comparisons within your immediate area and check the local variances that occur in the weather. If, however, you live in a rural area, you might find that the density is substantially less useful, but still better than you would find otherwise.

One of the premier features on this website (and its mobile versions) is the ability to switch a variety of layers on or off, allowing you to see the weather elements you consider most critical at any given time. If something urgent is in your neck of the woods, you might want to keep abreast of the latest warnings and alerts, or use satellite and radar to monitor a system's progress. It allows you to get the complete picture obtained through webcams or numerical observations.

The thing I like is that is completely custom-zoomable into the exact patch of ground you wish to observe. As is usual, some features work better in certain countries than in others.

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