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We have TWO Weather Underground Vegas pages to choose from. The usual one's for Las Vegas, Nevada, 89044.  What's the weather like in Las Vegas, Nevada?

The summer highs reach 100°F easily, nearly 40°C, and the winter highs are typically 50 or 60°F (10 to 15°C).  At night, it gets down to nearly freezing at night in winter and 70°F or 20°C in summer if you're lucky.

In addition to all that heat, it's really dry there.  An average year has 100 mm (or 4 inches) of rain.  They don't usually get snow except the odd January.  Over 585,000 people live in this major city, and there are about two million people in the surrounding area.

Another Weather Underground Vegas page is for Las Vegas, New Mexico (87701), with less than 15,000 people.  It's got a detailed local forecast, current weather conditions, and alerts.  Also included is an hourly forecast for the next 24 hours and a 10-day forecast.  Radar maps and historical weather data are also on the page.

How's this city?  Las Vegas, New Mexico is a small city in San Miguel County.  In spite of its smaller size, it's known for its vibrant culture, art galleries, and historical sites.  In addition to fishing, camping, and hiking, it's a popular tourist destination.

More or less, this city was built at the same latitude as that other Vegas, but it's cooler because it's higher up in elevation.  How's the weather in Las Vegas, NM?  On average, Las Vegas weather has summer highs of 80-90°F or about 30°C and overnight lows below 60°F (15°C).

The high temperatures in winter reach 40 to 50°F (about 7°C) and the lows are 20°F or less (-6°C).  The average precipitation here is 16 inches (400 mm) a year, and they get snow in December, January, and February.

Here's a comparison of the seasonal temperatures in these two cities:

Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas, Baby!

Las Vegas, New Mexico

Vegas MN Climate Weatherspark

More about Weather Underground Vegas

What's on these weather pages?  Let's start at the upper left corner.  If you click where it says PDA/Mobile, you can get weather information for any place.

Then you can sign up and create an account.  You'll find a help section after that, and then a handy print utility.  There's a printable flyer with quick forecasts for key cities.

Below that you'll find photos, the ability to choose your language, time zone, and metric units if you want.  And there are all kinds of weather maps - current temperature, humidity, and not just for Weather Underground Vegas, but anywhere in the world.

Then there are ads ads and links to commercial sites.  If you're looking for something specific, check them out.

Most of the weather data is in the middle.  At the top, you can get the weather for any city and then access the photo gallery.

The local time, longitude, and latitude are all on one line.  Then comes the features.  You might want a weather forecast for sailing, skiing, or stargazing.

Radar, satellite, storm forecasts storm forecasts, plus fun stuff like photos.  Everything's there.

The Weather Underground Vegas page then gives you the Las Vegas weather forecast.  Currents are on the left side of the main field:

  • temperature and sky conditions,
  • humidity,
  • dew point,
  • atmospheric pressure, corrected to sea-level,
  • windchill,
  • visibility,
  • cloud cover
  • the UV index on a scale of 0 to 10 and
  • A set of radar images, a trip planner and so forth.

Below that are the weather Underground Vegas pages with aviation weather and METARs, a special weather code for pilots and air traffic controllers.

On the Weather Underground Vegas pages, you can see observed temperatures for nearby cities, yesterday's weather, and normal weather for the time of year.  Also, you can see the locale's normal temperatures, sunrise, sunset, moon phase, and a few other astronomical things.

Let's go back to the top of the Weather Underground Vegas display.  On the right you can see a 5-day weather forecast in an easy-to-read format, and then an 8-day underground weather forecast with more details, like weather advisories.

There will be air quality forecasts and data for some of the bigger cities, including Vegas.  There's also a section at the bottom that shows personal weather stations people may own, giving temperatures, winds, etc., even though you won't know where they're located. 

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Where are you going with Weather Underground Vegas?

There are two cities with the same name listed on Weather Underground Vegas.  There is one in Nevada, which everyone is familiar with, and one in New Mexico.  Compare the two types of weather and observe the  differences.

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