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We have TWO Weather Underground Vegas pages to select from. The one most people know is for Las Vegas, Nevada, 89044. Don't know what kind of weather Las Vegas, Nevada typically has?

Daytime high temperatures exceed 100°F easily in the summer, nearly 40°C and typically reach 50 or 60°F (10 to 15°C) in winter. At night it cools off to nearly freezing often in winter and, if you're lucky, 70°F or 20°C in summer.

In addition to all that heat, the place is very dry. 100 mm (or about 4 inches) of rain in an average year. They usually do not get snow except sometimes in January. This major city has over 585,000 people with a total of about two million in the area.

The other Weather Underground Vegas page is for Las Vegas, New Mexico (87701), with less than 15,000 people. It was built at the same latitude, more or less, but is a bit cooler because of higher elevation. What about the climate in this Las Vegas? These Las Vegas weather averages have summer highs of 80-90°F or about 30°C and overnight lows usually dipping below 60°F (15°C).

New Mexico

In winter, daily high temperatures reach 40 to 50°F (about 7°C) and the nights will cool off to about 20°F or less (-6°C). Here about 16 inches (400 mm) of precipitation fall in a year, and they can get snow in December, January or February.

Compare the seasonal temperatures of these two cities:

Las Vegas, Nevada
Vegas, Baby!

Las Vegas, New Mexico
Vegas MN Climate Weatherspark

More about Weather Underground Vegas

What to these weather pages feature? We'll start at the upper left hand corner. It provides a way for you to get weather information for any place quickly - just hit where it says PDA/Mobile.

Next are spaces to create a member account and sign in. A help section if you need it follows, then a handy print utility. After that is a printable flyer giving quick forecasts for key cities around the world.

Below that you'll find photos, the ability to set your language, time zone and your preference for metric units if that's what you desire.

Then there are all kinds of weather maps - current temperature, humidity and not just for Weather Underground Vegas but for anywhere in the world, and all can be animated to show trends.

Then a variety of ads and commercial links continue to the bottom. Browse them if you are looking for something in particular.

The middle section is where you will find most of the weather data. Start with a space to get weather for any city and then a photo gallery access at the very top of the page.

On a single line you can get the local time, longitude and latitude. Next comes the features. The things you may want weather forecasts for, such as sailing, skiing or observing the stars.

Find radar, satellite and storm forecasts plus fun stuff like photos and blogs. It's all there.

The Weather Underground Vegas page then gives the Las Vegas weather forecast for your city. The left side of the main field has current

  • temperature and sky conditions,
  • humidity,
  • dew point,
  • atmospheric pressure, corrected to sea-level,
  • windchill,
  • visibility,
  • cloud cover
  • the UV index on a scale of 0 to 10 and
  • A set of radar images, a trip planner and so forth.
Below that the weather Underground Las Vegas pages gives aviation weather plus an opportunity to see the most recent METAR, a special weather code for pilots and air-traffic controllers, and another to see the full report.

The Weather Underground Vegas pages then gives observed temperatures for nearby cities, yesterday's weather and normal weather for the time of year. There's also the ability to see the locale's normal temperatures any time of year, upcoming sunrise, sunset, moon phase, and a few other astronomical parameters.

This page is really loaded; let's go back to the top of the Weather Underground Vegas display. Further to the right you can check the 5-day weather forecast in an easy-to read format, and then an 8-day Las Vegas underground weather forecast with more detail, such as weather advisories.

For some of the bigger cities, including the bigger Vegas, air quality forecasts and data will follow. The bottom of the page features any personal weather stations people may own in the area, giving temperatures, winds and such, even though you won't know exactly where the monitors are located. Go back from Weather Underground Vegas to the Weather Canada web page

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