Canada weather radar output.

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Canada Weather Radar

Here's a chance to see Canada weather radar online. The page shows you a national map with simultaneous results from over 30 Canadian radar meteorology locations.

Each Canada environment radar weather site is indicated by a black dot, with a faint disc showing its range, the area covered by the radar. White dots show the major cities.

If you hit the blue play button above the map and wait a sec, you will see an animation of the rain or snowfall happening around the country. Users also have the option to set the amount of background detail visible on their screen. They made it customizable because some find too much information to be distracting. I like the default settings showing major cities and roads along with the concentric circles on the display. Other options include highway numbers, smaller towns and watercourses.

You can also pick a colour intensity scale of either eight (default) or 14 for more detail, which is the option I go with. If you want to examine a longer timeframe, pick either three hour setting or the one-hour default.

Canada weather radar: more detail

The Canadian weather service, Environment Canada, has a total of 31 radar stations working full time. None of these are in the Arctic. British Columbia has four, Alberta: five, Saskatchewan and Manitoba: two each, Ontario: eight, Quebec: five, New Brunswick: one, Nova Scotia: two and two in Newfoundland (island portion only). Click on a province north of the disc covering the city of your choice to get a regional map covering two or three provinces.

Better yet, click inside one of those grey discs for fullest detail, complete with colour detail and the ability to animate, unless your radar is out of operation. That happens occasionally.

Have a look at the colour scale on the right. See how the animation tells you where the heaviest precipitation is falling, where the storm is moving and how fast. Sometimes you'll be able to tell if it is going to rain in the next hour or so.

If you want to learn about understanding the results, see the Common Interpretation Errors on the upper right corner of the main screen. It provides a list of technical issues to consider when examining the radar display.

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