save environment from pollution and toxication

by mohit pareek
(mumbai, maharahstra, india)

river pollution

river pollution

Air, water and land are the most important things in our environment. We people are actually trying to take advantage of all these things and are harming our environment by polluting all the essential things for life, like air, water and land.

It is the responsibility of everyone to preserve these natural resources and refrain from harming them. It's our duty to protect our environment and it makes me angry when people don't care about these natural resources and try instead to exploit these resources.

Please understand our duties and come together to protect our environment. I am not against industrialism but the way they try to exploit our natural resources is bad. The people who intentionally harm our rivers for their own good need to be punished. Please come forward and take some steps against them.

Barry's Response - Thank you Mohit. It may sometimes be hard to tell which actions are deliberate sabotage on the environment. In fact, that would be rare.

The real key here would be education. Making sure owners know when neglect may occur and how to prevent environmental damage from happening.

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by: Zen

It is very necessary to save our environment from pollution and toxication. We are the main reason to cause such problems to the environment. So we have to be more conscious about the seriousness of the issue. Save our environment and thus make sure our existence on the earth.

by: Anonymous

i think that we should take care of the environment because this affect us and it relate to us because how take care of the environment he is clean but how dont take care of the environment he is not a clean such if it was a man or a women or boy or girl or child.

eradicate pollution is responsibilty of every indivisual..
by: Anonymous

In my point of veiw its not only the responsibility of government infact its responsibility of every indivisual of any country...suppose if we eating some food then after eating we should through wraper in dustbin not to through any where or wherever u want...if u through in anywhere and then said its responsibility of government so remember always it lead ur country towards polluted environment...and others have chance to told that whole country is polluted and looking bad.

by: sharanvir singh


save our waters
by: ruth ensminger

we the people of amercia needs to start saving our waters because a lot of people die from pollution. help the world. do not be dum not to save our country. this country and other countries need to work as one. we all need to stop polluting our air water. who ever wants this then do it.............. save the waters....

response by Denise
by: Anonymous

I do agree that it is our responsibility to protect our enviroment. I think alot of the enviromental subject is political. There are politicians out there like Al Gore to name a few who are trying to make big bucks off the the enviromental issue. I wish someone would tell us the truth. It is everyones responsibility to take care of the enviroment.

by: Anonymous

Government have a role in pollution controlling,If we take it as a problem that will be the end of the problem.

by: Molly

This seems to be a very general summary of the environmental problem. People are taking a stand everyday on the environment, but the problem will not be fixed until corporations, governments and the general population makes the environment a priority. It would be interesting to get a more detailed view of this issue.

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