From Toronto to NBC: the Jackie Meretsky Journey 🌦️

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This is Jackie Meretsky.  Have you seen her on NBC Weather Plus?  

Discover Jackie's captivating journey as she becomes a household name on NBC Weather Plus.  A fascinating look at Jackie's life and career, from her childhood dreams dancing to her meteoric rise in broadcast journalism.  

Check out her unique perspective on weather phenomena, her dual citizenship, and her meteorological insights.  Join us as we explore the world through her captivating journey, whether you're a weather enthusiast or curious about the life behind the camera.

Jackie is from Toronto, Canada.  When she was a kid, she wanted to be a jazz dancer, but she graduated from McGill University, Montreal, with a degree in Communications and Political Science

She started her journalism career at City TV in Toronto.  After that, she worked in television marketing and sales before deciding she'd rather present the weather in front of the camera.  In 2002, her passion for storms and other weather phenomena led her to become a meteorologist.

What was her first job in broadcast meteorology? 'Jackie Meretsky' joined The Weather Network (TWN), a 24-hour weather channel on cable TV.  It's like The Weather Channel in the US.

In Mississauga, Ontario, she was an on-call and weekend weathercaster.  It was her last broadcast for The Weather Network on 18th September, 2005.  

In October, Jackie moved to New York.  In the US, NBC Weather Plus is The Weather Channel's main competitor for 24 hour weather reports.

Jackie reunited with Gary Archibald, who had moved to NBC Weather Plus just a year earlier from The Weather Network.  One of her first assignments was covering Hurricane Wilma in Naples, Florida.

Is broadcast reporting becoming too sensational these days?

Apparently, "Electric storms (unless I'm flying through one)" are her favorite weather phenomenon. Last year, Jackie had a harrowing experience on a routine flight from Toronto to San Francisco, when her jumbo jet suddenly dropped 1,000 feet over the Colorado Rockies.

Yeah. A thunderstorm was to blame.

The bubbly brunette meteorologist has built up quite a following, especially among men, and there are a lot of websites devoted to her.  Here's some more biographical salad for you.

Jackie Meretsky has anchored NBC Weather Plus, CNBC "Squawk Box", MSNBC dayside and MSNBC's newest morning show, "Morning Joe".  She's been on "NBC Nightly News", "The Today Show", "Countdown with Keith Olbermann", "NBC Early Today" and "Hardball."

In the states, she's had been student at Mississippi State University studying broadcast meteorology.  And at some point became a dual citizen of Canada and the U.S.

At The Weather Network (Canada's national weather network) Meretsky started her meteorology career as a weather specialist and on-air anchor.  She also reported on Toronto's arts, culture, fashion, and cuisine for "Toronto Living," a magazine style show on Rogers cable TV.  She also reported on Toronto's arts, culture, fashion, and cuisine for "Toronto Living," a magazine style show on Rogers cable TV.  In October 2005, she joined NBC Weather Plus.

Jackie lives on Manhattan's Upper East Side.  She loves her privacy, and little is known about her life away from the camera.  In her Weather Plus biography, she shares a few personal details.  She mentions that she doesn't share her name with a hurricane, but feels it's about time.

As a writer, Jackie also writes articles for Weather Plus.  Most of them relate to weather phenomena, which makes sense.  In addition, she adds her own unique perspective and sense of humor about the environment.

She's written about how different types of weather affect hairstyles, how diamonds are the one form of ice girls want, and how Americans blame Canada for severe cold weather.  Even though these articles have a lighter side, they also offer meteorological information.  Her writing and marketing skills combine to make Jackie Meretsky almost able to make the weather feel better, no matter how bad it gets!

Like many well-known people, it seems Jackie likes to keep her private life private, so I only gave you general info.  I hope it's a good introduction.

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Have you seen her on television?

This young Canadian has moved up through the ranks to become a famous meteorologist in the USA. Jackie Meretsky is one forecaster to watch out for.

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