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Is there a weather channel Canada can call its own? The Weather Channel has networks around the world, it seems.

Weather Channel Canada

Canada does not have a broadcast entity called The Weather Channel. We call our English channel The Weather Network and the French one, MétéoMédia.

Apparently, the USA's The Weather Channel has some financial interest in these channels. That makes them into The Weather Channel Canada to some informal degree anyway.

They also own a piece of the The Weather Channel websites serving a few countries in Europe. The other one to note is The Weather Channel broadcast network in Australia. An entirely separate corporation runs this one.

It started in 1989 and continues to provide us with updated forecasts 24/7. The Weather Network was quite influential in prompting several students to go into meteorology, including yours truly. It seems these weather forecasts are at least partly generated automatically. With meteorologists overseeing the whole thing and skillful journalists presenting it for everyone.

Their website comes in handy too, at Here, you can get hourly forecasts and the 14-day outlook for any significant place in Canada. If French is your thing, find the MétéoMédia links you need there as well.

Pelmorex corporation controls them both. Landmark Communications partly owns both Pelmorex and The Weather Channel Canada, USA and probably the UK as well.

People may complain about the advertising, but you gotta support a good thing if you want it to remain good and keep improving, as the weather network Canada does. It ain't government or public television.

Weather channel Canada and CMOS


The sciences of meteorology and oceanography, plus a few others, have a common advocate in Canada. We know this body as the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, or CMOS if that's too much of a mouthful for you.

What do they do? They support research in environmental issues that have become important to us. Things such as

- weather extremes
- global warming
- ozone depletion and
- surface air quality name a few listed on one of their webpages.

You can also find career guidance from CMOS if you are interested any of these relevant sciences. They are big on research, publishing and education.

What about the Canadian weather announcers? CMOS grants accreditation to individual weather broadcasters when they meet certain qualifications, similar to CECAB for Canadian environmental consultants. Here are a few of the CMOS endorsed weathercasters from the weather channel Canada, TWN, plus prairie - Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary tv stations, and radio, stations.

  1. Joshua Classen - Edmonton
  2. Nicola Crosbie - Edmonton
  3. Paul Dunphy - Calgary
  4. Kristi Gordon - Edmonton
  5. Jim Hughes - Calgary
  6. Carolyn Jarvis - Edmonton
  7. John Sander - Winnipeg
  8. David Spence - Calgary
  9. Chris Sumner - Winnipeg, and
  10. Claire Martin - Former Edmontonian now with CBC Ontario
  11. and speaking of Ontario...
  12. Nadine Blayley - The Weather Network (TWN)
  13. Helena DeVries - TWN
  14. Karen Johnson - TWN
  15. Suzanne Feliz - TWN
  16. Michelle Leslie - TWN
  17. Kim MacDonald - TWN
  18. Chris Murphy - TWN
  19. Sheryl Plouffe - TWN
  20. Gary Ryan - TWN
  21. Chris Scott - TWN

Go! Saskatchewan Go!

Can't determine if Edmonton's late great weather broadcaster, Bill Matheson, was ever CMOS endorsed.

What does it take? You may ask. If you have a related degree and presentation experience in radio or television, that's a good start.

If you are a well-experienced tv channel news-weather broadcaster with "sufficient knowledge of meteorology to communicate weather and climate information and to use related graphics in a scientifically-correct manner" (from another CMOS web page), you would also be well on your way.

Various combinations of these two sets of accomplishments may also get you the certification. Such as a specialized broadcast meteorology program for instance.

Don't forget: two references, video tapes and the $200 fee. This seems to be the way to go. Ask any CMOS certified presenter. Please leave your comments below.

Greatest Weather Forecasts

Know a better place for forecasts? Really cool graphics or outstanding weather information?

All weather people like to find new places for unusual data, and here's your chance to help. Feel free to comment; that would be much appreciated. Thank you.

P.S. This is NOT the Weather Network.

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