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In this consultancy health safety, atmospheric emissions, and other public concerns are regularly examined and considered.  The topics can range from employee health and safety to air pollution.  Does your group need a health and safety management system and related manuals?

Who would want to know about health safety and air quality consulting firms? 

- Companies and industries: Companies and industries that prioritize health, safety, and air quality can find consultants who specialize in these areas.  They may need help ensuring compliance with regulations, improving workplace safety, assessing and mitigating health risks, and managing air quality.

- Occupational health and safety professionals, public health officials, and researchers may be interested in hiring companies that specialize in health, safety, and air quality.  To improve their understanding and practice in these areas, they may seek collaborations, expert advice, or access resources and knowledge.

- Agencies may be interested in checking with specialists.  In addition to developing regulations, conducting audits, assessing compliance, and ensuring the population's well-being, agencies may partner with such firms.

- Academic institutions: Universities, research institutions, and educational organizations focusing on environmental sciences, occupational health and related disciplines might be interested in relevant consultants.  To enrich their educational programs and research endeavors, they might look for collaborations, internships, or case studies.

- Construction companies, infrastructure developers, engineers and industrial companies may need these consulting services.  Environmental and health risks can be managed, impact assessments conducted, and mitigation measures implemented.

- Local communities and advocacy groups might also need consulting services.  Assessing pollution sources, advocating for better air quality standards, or evaluating potential health impacts of specific projects may be on their list of things to do.

- The general public and media may also be interested in what consulting firms do:  Stay on top of best practices, emerging trends, and technologies related to health and air quality.  They can use this information to make informed decisions about their well-being, indoor air quality, and environmental concerns.

Human health is sometimes at risk due to certain risks assumed by the general population.  Health concerns worldwide include smog and global warming, as well as healthy lifestyles.

It's generally a good idea for employees to take precautions at work to minimize their risk of getting hurt.  Financial risks arising from injuries and environmental catastrophes need to be minimized.

It's really nice if the government and health care providers keep their costs down.  There are laws in most countries and regions to protect health, safety, and the environment.

Industrial clients hire this type of consultant to deal with health safety issues.  They need to know that the proper equipment is used.  In addition, make sure your staff gets the right health and safety training when they need it.  For example,

  • WHMIS,
  • OSHA,
  • CPR or
  • H2S Alive

Consultancy health safety and related issues:

There are jobs in air quality, engineering, and public safety on the right websites.  Monitoring and evaluating air pollution levels is part of many jobs in the air quality field.  It is my full-time job to model air quality dispersion using AERMOD and CALPuff.

H2S SignBeware

I'm also responsible for interpreting the results and making recommendations to clients.  To make sure the air quality standards are met, I work closely with other teams.  My peers also get technical advice from me.

Public health and the environment are important to a good air group.  How?  Remediating and reducing industrial air emissions that can affect the community.  The air quality group's health & safety investigators help clients pass stringent regulatory requirements and get increasingly tough licenses.  

Air quality testing and monitoring are part of this work.  Monitoring air quality is important because it helps us identify and track pollution sources, understand how it affects humans and the environment, and take steps to reduce or eliminate it.  As an example, we're predicting and analyzing air quality near a factory to make sure concentrations of certain contaminants are not too high.

Industrial Clean upYour industrial site could be this clean

Air dispersion modeling also predicts pollution and health problems.  We can predict how air pollutants spread in the atmosphere with air dispersion models.  Pollutant sources are identified and health risks associated with exposure to these pollutants are determined.  Informed policy decisions and regulations can help protect public health.  

The spread of air pollutants from factories, for example, can be predicted using air dispersion modeling.  Regulators and decision makers get better information this way.

This may appear to be a vague business.  These professionals usually have interdisciplinary backgrounds.  Those disciplines usually include environmental, health, and related sciences.  And in this consultancy health safety and environmental issues are systematically addressed, and the research process is organized.  In order to handle the various facets of each research project, the people doing the work stay flexible and on their toes.

Air quality environmental consulting companies should have key characteristics that set them apart.  Obviously, a great one needs a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals with advanced degrees in environmental science, engineering, and related fields.  

They should have experience doing air quality assessments, monitoring, modeling, and controlling.  Your company should also have a good reputation in the industry, demonstrated by successful projects, client satisfaction, and good reviews.

Next, the company should have state-of-the-art technology and equipment to provide accurate and reliable air quality data.  They should also know about the latest air quality regulations, including local, provincial, and federal ones

A good and reputable air quality environmental consulting company should provide exceptional customer service, making sure clients get timely replies to their questions.  

As a final point, the company should be proactive about providing innovative solutions to their clients' air quality issues, like developing customized monitoring and control systems that reduce emissions and optimize energy efficiency.

Calvin Consulting Group Ltd., in Calgary, does exactly those things.

Calvin Consulting makes every effort to remain flexible enough to handle the requirements of your situation.  Would you like to ask a question regarding the air quality in your area?  For instance, do I need to be concerned about air pollution from nearby industrial sites?  Please email your question to Barry at this address: 


...for a better, more specific description or ask any questions you have on this form:

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An excellent and reputable air quality environmental consulting company should be committed to professionalism, expertise, customer service, and innovation. They should be recognized as leaders in the field.

Want to see what other jobs are available? - Career and employment information are visible on the Environmental Health and Safety Jobs web page.   I'll help you find jobs by location, industry, or keyword.  You can also set up job alerts to get notified when new jobs are posted.  On the website you choose, you can even submit your resume and apply for jobs.

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Visitors like you can access specialized knowledge, expertise, and resources by knowing about consulting firms specializing in health, safety, and air quality.  Whether it's for regulatory compliance, workplace safety, research collaborations, environmental impact assessments, or personal well-being, consultants play a vital role.

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