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- Compare classic ideas with the latest research: Scientific research is a continuous process, and there are always new discoveries and advancements. Keep up with your field of interest by reading back issues of scientific magazines.

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- Reading about other researchers' work can inspire new ideas and avenues of exploration. There's a lot of information in back issues of scientific magazines that haven't been fully explored or that have fallen out of favor.

- Research and scientists from a wide range of disciplines read scientific magazines. Back issues can give you a broader understanding of the scientific community, the current hot topics, and the debates and discussions going on.

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Wanna see a picture of air pollution? Go see this collection of pictures.  People have a harder time working around environmental issues and the clean air & clean water acts as they get more complex.  

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Air quality, regulatory, and compliance consultants are in high demand. In a good consulting company, environmental and air quality expertise grows to meet demand. Changes in regulations, for example.

Typical services start with environmental permitting, and go from there.

It's important for the expert to know the rules, principles, and leniencies of the governing authorities. Even those only gained by knowing individual employees of the regulatory body.

How do air pollution articles help you?

It's also important to understand the operational nuances of the industry in question.  Keep your knowledge current by reading air pollution articles.

Another example: Air quality modelling helps find ways to mitigate problems caused by pollution.  Competent consultants pick and operate their models carefully.  Additionally, they follow modeling guidelines and interpret the results

in a way that's both scientifically correct and benefits the client.  You can read more about air quality on this sample page.

Destiny from Orlando, Florida told us this about... polution now and always: it's nasty and it can ruin and destroy our environment......

Keep your windows rolled up in your car to keep emissions out.  But you're also putting yourself at risk.  Air fresheners, upholstery, and electronics inside the car can also emit unhealthy chemicals.

How do you do it?  Is it better to breathe it outside or inside?  Consider installing filters for your ventilation system, or alternate.

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Two messages from South Africa

Air environmental problems concern people all over the world. Consider these short air pollution articles sent in by two young students...

warming of eath ~sean, western cape
we need to please stop the factories for a while so the atmosfer willheal from all the smoke if we dont stop we and all living things are going to die on this eath so lets fight to save lives of millons of people south africa lets stand out and show other countrys we can do it thank you

saving live ~shaun, limpopo
we should inform the goverment to tell the country to stop with this nonsence and to clean rivers look at all the children dieing and getting ill god put us on eath to look after it not to polute kill fight i say we stand together as a nacion and clean our dams and rivers the eath will come to an end if we do not stop this please south africa and other countrys lets fight for what we have thank you

And one from Australia
By hiuh
Stop killing animals:(
I'm so sad

If the newsmagazine is revived in the future and you want to see the air pollution articles or other environmental articles, check out...

Blowin in the Wind

You will be glad you did.

Looking for a job in the field? Meteorology jobs can be found by visiting the Environmental Health & Safety Jobs web page.

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