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There's more to air polution than smog, respiratory illnesses, acid rain, poor visibility, and general atmospheric ugliness...


What's the point of reading about air pollution?  Lot of reasons.  Check these out:

- Human health is affected by air pollution. By reading about air pollution, people can learn about the health risks associated with it.  Knowing this can motivate them to take steps to protect themselves and their loved ones, like avoiding high-pollution areas, using air purifiers, or advocating for cleaner air.

- Air pollution is a big problem.  Individuals can learn more about air pollution by reading about its sources, causes, and impacts.  With this knowledge, we can reduce pollution and protect the environment and increase environmental awareness.

- Clean air is essential for your well-being.  Individuals can improve air quality in their immediate surroundings by understanding the factors contributing to air pollution.  By adopting sustainable transportation options, supporting clean energy initiatives, or reducing pollution emissions, we can do this.

- Learning about air pollution can empower people to advocate for stronger environmental regulations.  Staying informed can help them understand the importance of clean air and support initiatives to reduce pollution at the local, regional, and global levels.

- Environmental scientists, researchers, urban planners, public health experts, and policymakers are all interested in air pollution.  Reading about air pollution keeps them up to date on the latest research, technology, and policy developments.  It helps them make informed decisions and contribute to pollution mitigation.

- Air pollution is covered in a variety of educational settings, including schools, colleges, and universities.  By reading about air pollution, students and educators can deepen their knowledge, conduct research, and have productive discussions.  Building a foundation for understanding environmental science, public health, and related fields.

- Air pollution is a global problem that affects people and ecosystems everywhere.  By reading about air pollution, people can see how environmental issues are interconnected and how international cooperation can help.  As a result, air pollution is tackled collectively and a sense of global responsibility is promoted.

Air pollution, especially greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, contributes to climate change by trapping heat in the atmosphere.  Climate change can lead to more extreme weather events, rising sea levels, and other environmental problems.

Inflammation and oxidative stress in the body can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease caused by air pollution, especially fine particulate matter. 

Air pollution has been linked to low birth weight, preterm birth, and decreased fertility in women.  Experiencing air pollution can also affect your mental health, including depression and anxiety.  

Air pollution can harm crops and wildlife by damaging plant tissues, reducing crop yields, and altering ecosystems.

Using certain cleaning products or cooking with solid fuels can cause indoor air pollution, which has a significant impact on human health, especially in developing countries.

The media has shown that air polution also affects the upper atmosphere.  Changes in the climate map, greenhouse effect, and ozone layer depletion.

We hear a lot of the controversy global warming has generated.  Like the well-known greenhouse effect, a projected cause of global warming and climate change.

You may have read about other atmospheric problems like stratospheric ozone pollution.  Increased UV radiation (UVB and C) also harms people and other life forms.  What's the American government doing about it?

Is it their responsibility?

Ecology education, human effects

Look at what we've done!
"Over the years we have created horrible living and drinking enviroments for all living creaters. We need to find a way to control this or pretty soon all of us will be dead. Plus, our grandchildren and great-grandchildren won't havr anything left to prosper off of."

~Casey - Orange City, FL

All of these effects have been linked with the chemical contamination water collects as well as changes in the composition of the air.  Scientists most often associate these with anthropogenic emissions.

The world needs innovative ways to reduce things that result in air quality problems.  Regional impacts from industrial developments (such as factories) are the place to make improvements.  Environmental regulations required diligence when proposing changes to industry.  And it's getting more and more stringent these days.  Rightfully so.

What do active demonstrations, investigations, studies, and environmental web sites such as this one do? They amplify the commotion, pointing out the need for services like environmental consultancy for health, safety and related issues. And for governments to participate in programs such as the Kyoto Treaty. See the Solution Global Warming webpage for more on this.


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Global Warming Pictures including THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW

Water Pollution Pictures

Research development services and professional research consultants.

As we increase our knowledge through factory pollution research and testing we hope to find a solution to air polution. We have...

  • emissions inventories
  • flare and stack evaluations
  • air quality assessments
  • dispersion modelling
  • emissions control technologies
  • regulatory permitting
  • regulatory compliance
  • regulatory reporting
  • continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) audits
  • air compliance audits
  • air management systems
  • quality assurance plans
  • ambient air monitoring
  • emission testing

...and probably more study areas than this. Car pollution, vehicular emissions and other transportation issues will need their own techniques.

Causes of Air Polution

Transportation. In Europe and North America at least, cars contribute sulphur, particulates, nitrogen and carbon based compounds into the atmosphere. They then transform into acids and other harmful components, such as those which cause global warming, more than any other type of source.  Aviation, shipping and other types of transport certainly do their part in adding more air polution to these effects.

Industry. Manufacturing, packaging and support functions cause process emissions.

Ones which may contain ozone destroying or even radioactive chemicals. We can have problems with fuel consumption related compounds similar to the transportation sectors. Agricultural air polution can also fall under this category.

Natural Causes. Volcanoes, fires started by lightning. Also stratospheric intrusion which is natural mixing of poisonous gases from upper layers of the atmosphere, to name a few.

Finally, some things are even desirable to have in the air even if they are foreign. Take music for instance. Remember the last you walked into an Italian restaurant? How the aromatic mixture and sounds would completely envelop you. Go back from AirPolution to the Solution Global Warming page now.

Search this site for more information now.

Ultimately, reading about air pollution provides valuable information about its health impacts, environmental implications, personal well-being, policy advocacy, professional interests, education, and global significance. Individuals can make informed decisions, take action to reduce pollution, and contribute to keeping the air clean and healthy for future generations.

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Can we end the problem of air pollution?  

What is the quality of the air, what is the pollution of the air?  Does air pollution contribute to global warming?

Do you have concerns about air pollution in your area??

Perhaps modelling air pollution will provide the answers to your question.

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