Control pollution and save planet

by shriram
(erode, tamil nadu, india.)

Industrial Air Pollution

Industrial Air Pollution

Today we are in a situation that we cant live without comfortaility. But for comfort we are destroying our nature and envirounment. This will leads to dangerous consequences. All the thermal and nuclear power plants operating in world causing air pollution. Air pollution which have many ill effects like acid rain, drought, etc.

To control air pollution, all people should work together to control it. Usage of automobiles is very much incresed today. So we want to reduce the usage of automobiles. We should plant more trees. All industries and factories should be fitted with air pollution controlling devices. Energy generation should be done only by renewable resources like air, solar, etc. By this way we can control the pollution.

Barry's Response - Thanks, Shriram. It seems like a dire situation, and I hope the human ingenuity that led to these apparent problems can lead to the solutions we need.

Although you suggestions seem obvious, they will still be helpful and shall make a good start. Thanks for caring.

Here are some
solutions to indoor air pollution.

Here are some interesting proposed
solutions for global warming.

Search this site for more information now.

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dangerous ! control it !
by: divya

every where / in every city pollution is the majior problem. it's our duty to control the pollutin as we are the suferrers.

so,let's start the work now itself.

Pollution control
by: Sam Prabakar

My first impression is very good about the site which gives you information about how to control pollution from factories and to save planet. If we didn't take any initial steps to control this kind of pollution then it is the starting of Global Warming. The fact that we can't accept now it is a very strange fact that we have to control to save the planet.

by: Abhishek

That's real correct..We need to control it Rite Now
As they say..
If Not Now..WHEN??
If Not Us..WHO??
Its gotta be Us n Its gotta be Now..

to control air polution
by: sindhuramesh

Presence of one or more contaminante like as smoke, dust, odour in the air or atmosphere which are injuries to human beings, plants, animals.

by: Asha

we must control pollution

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