Save Environment, Save our identity

by Rajiv

World Environment Day, 2007

World Environment Day, 2007

Our environment is very very important to us as it forms part of same nature who is responsible for evolution of ourselves. Without nature / environment there is no existence of human being or any other life on this earth.

Its environment which protects us from harmful rays and many other things but what we have given back to environment is deterioration.

Its humanbeing and not any other animal responsible for damage of environment and nature on the earth.

Now its time to offer soothness to nature in response of what it has given to us.

Save Environment, Save our identity

Rajiv JOshi

Barry's Response - It's true, Rajiv. We have not been very fair to it, have we? Do we want to find out just how tough it really is?

Fortunately, over the coming decades, more environmental jobs. will be designed to help us save our environment.

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Save Environment
by: Anonymous

People all around the world should remember that we are traveling in one ship that is earth. If it sinks all of us going to be doomed. Saving our environment is only chance that it is not going to happen.

by: Rhamon

Great content. Good information for everyone to know

by: Rathi

You are absolutely right..The time that everyone has to take some step to save the environment has come. Your article insists the responsibility that each person should get to save the environment.

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