Short science articles - Need some examples?

Short Science Articles

So, you want to read some short science articles on meteorology? How about quality pieces on pollution, air quality and other atmospheric matters for your information and entertainment?

This article was written years ago to promote the now-dormant newsletter, Blowin' in the Wind.

Maybe you teach children…then get some ideas for elementary school or kindergarten lesson plans if you need them.

Now you can catch a glimpse of atmospheric research - you can get physical science articles to your email each month, all at no cost to you.  This is like getting access to free research papers in a sense, although not quite as intense. Plus you get a little bit of my sense of humor.

If you need a variety of ideas, keep reading. Other examples of relevant subject matter from these environmental articles might be upper air analysis. Maybe weather satellites even national or local weather radar.

Need some information quickly and don’t have time to wait for monthly issues.  Keep reading here, as I have a few things for you right now. If you are interested in weather, for instance, but don't know where to start, take a look at this handy scientific glossary.

Maybe you're into climate change science.  I have found Friends of Science to be a good place to find out WHAT the other 3% of scientists have to say about this and WHY they are worth hearing.  

 Future Articles

Friendly explanations without the need for a university education to understand them. See the Blowin' in the Wind section below.

In a typical article, this environmental and earth-science newsletter will present ideas to turbo boost your air research project and plant some seed for further investigation. Do you have papers to compose?  need to write a current science article?  Are you generally interested in a convenient journal of environmental science or technology?

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Existing Short science articles

See some articles about weather and atmosphere concerns already on this website:

RADAR - The latest scoop on weather radar

More Weather RADAR – What you would see if you took one apart the apparatus apart on one of these radar units

RADAR Weather Technical Descriptions – Find another use for microwave energy

National RADAR - Some of the problems we face with this scientific equipment

Doppler RADAR – What do all the pretty colors on the radar display mean?

Satellites – Where would you find them? NOAA and GEOS Satellite Weather

Satellite Photo Resolution – Some history behind satellite pictures - how quality and delivery have become better

Satellite Wavelengths – Understand the uses of basic physics concepts

Wavelengths and Satellite Pics – Insight into how weather satellite photography works

Multi-color Satellite photos – Advanced applications for satellite data

Surface Weather Analysis Maps – Learn what a meteorologist does

Isobars and Air Pressure Science – The significance of atmospheric pressure in determining your weather

Meteorology Terms and Physics Equations – A use for applied math

Upper Atmosphere Levels – Definitions of motion-related words

Jet Streams – Who gave us "wind at your back, low to the left"

Atmosphere Layers – Why meteorologists care so much about the upper atmosphere

Waves - The difference between a ridge and a trough

Upper Air Currents – How airflow compares with a highway system

Advection – One way how weather maps are used

Deformation – A look at factors causing unusual weather and sudden changes

Vorticity – Knowledge of turbulence, eddies and wind shear

Dew Point – A cloud may be more (or less) than you thought it was

Prevailing Winds – Find out what an omega block is

Weather Equipment – A clever list of common weather instruments; see examples right here

Barometers and Air Pressure – A millibar is not where insects go for an after-work drink

Temperature Conversions – Find out about different kinds of thermometers

Hygrometers – Humidity Meters – A whole new vocabulary for describing "water vapor"

Weather Vanes and Anemometers – Wind Speed Instruments

Rain Gauges – What falls from the sky and how much?

Current Weather Observations – The ability to decode most official weather observations and aviation forecasts

Global Warming – A few basic facts about global warming

The problem with Global Warming – What happened in Kyoto

Effects of Global Warming – A few prophecies regarding climate change

Severe Weather – See the destructive path of one of the worst tornadoes in modern history

Jobs Jobs Jobs – Environmental consulting jobs

Environmental – Easy reference to consulting services, for your business needs

More Short Science Articles – View Back Issues of this newsletter.  The first 90

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