care for the world

by anna
(st.catharines ontario canada)

Here's Lookin' at you

Here's Lookin' at you

"To be able to care for the world you must:

1.clean up garbage
2.feed animals
3.ask people to help you
4.don't litter - if you see someone else litter you should pick up for them or tell them that they dropped something and they should throw it out
5.stay calm if you see some one litter and they don't listen because eventually they will listen maybe not to you but some one else
6.if you see a dog poop and you see that the ower doesn't clean it up tell them to clean it or they will have to pay a fine, or you could say if you don't clean up after your dog then i think you shouldn't have one - you need responsibilities for it
7.believe in yourself you can change the world to be better and a better place for you and every one

You can try to be like me and try your hardest to help the world sometimes it can be fun - trust me!

Barry's Response - Common-sense solutions, I might add. Thanks also, Anna, for a photo I would not be able to get myself."

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I agree to your post
by: Amit

Yes you have raised a nice topic and hopefully people get the message of your post.

Being proactive..
by: Christine

Other commenter before me were a bit harsh, I think. Based on the writing style, I'm assuming that Anna is a young child. Hearing someone that young take a proactive stance in caring for the environment and her surroundings is great.

It's refreshing to see that not all kids only care about themselves and how to get their hands on the latest PS3 game.

It would have helped to have clarified that Anna was not a grown woman - if she was, then I have to agree with the other posters that she needs to think with more substance.

Maybe some more substance
by: Wendy

Like I said in my previous post it seems juvenile.
In addition to what I said earlier, you could add much more to this article. The site itself seems promising though considering today's interest in such topics as global warming, energy conservation and natural resource conservation. More meat in the articles and addressed to maybe teens and adults would be much more productive. Good Luck!

by: Anonymous

It sounded as though you may be speaking to young children. These are very simple steps, commonly suggested. Perhaps something a bit more in depth? For example how about an article on reducing energy costs by installing solar panels or switching to other alternative forms of heating and cooling for your home. Or maybe an article on other forms of transportation such as mass transit or hybrid vehicles and why buying or investing in these types of transportation alternatives would help the environment AND the economy. Hope that was some constructive criticism :)

It is...
by: Anonymous

trite, tedious, and short-sighted...

by: Anonymous

i liked it but u shoul dn't act like the "Goody two shoes Queen!!!!!!! Forgive if i was rude but stuff like wat u said really ticks me off!!

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