Make Sure your Emissions Reports are Right with these Data Quality Checks Best Practices

Do you feel overwhelmed by your Annual Emissions Inventory Report (AEIR)? It's okay. This guide summarizes Sections 20 to 22 of the AEIR Standard into a set of data quality checks best practices and makes it easier.

Take care not to make mistakesReporting made easy with AEIR guide

I can help you get the certification you need and submit your AEIR on time and by electronic delivery methods. Follow these steps to avoid errors and ensure a smooth submission.

Anyone responsible for submitting an Annual Emissions Inventory Report (AEIR) will love this synopsis of the published instructions. It's crucial for accurate reporting and for public trust. 

Following these steps will help you avoid errors, meet deadlines, and demonstrate how your company has committed itself to environmental stewardship.

20 - Complete the AEIR Form, Final Review, and Certification: data quality checks best practices

20.1 Here, we fill out the AEIR Form with any missing info, both mandatory and optional. Follow Steps 20a - c in the Standard. You can leave something blank or use "n/a" if it doesn't apply. For numeric fields, just leave them blank.

For extra comments, use the Comments section in the form, and for more details, use the Quantification Methodology Document.

Clean data makes it betterKeep an eye on air emissions

20.2 All the data is in the AEIR Form, and the Quantification Methodology Document is ready with QA/QC checks, it's time to review. It's important to make sure everything in the AEIR is accurate and complete. Legally, the Certifying Official is responsible for this.

A complete AEIR includes the AEIR Form, the signed Statement of Certification, and the Quantification Methodology Document.

20.3 There's one more critical step before you submit the AEIR. A manager or environmental expert reviews and signs off on the report.

This person certifies that it's all true, accurate, and prepared with care. Data like this might be accessed by the public, so certification is essential.

Certifying Officials can sign electronically, and it's legal. The signed Statement of Certification must be submitted as a separate PDF, not just an image. Credibility is ensured.

Step 21 - Submit the AEIR

21.0 Following the submission guidelines, send your AEIR documents to the Regulator, including the AEIR Form, Statement of Certification (SOC), and Quantification Methodology Document (QMD).

21.1 To submit the AEIR, follow these data quality checks best practices:

  • Submit by September 30th.
  • Follow the AEIR Standard and send the completed AEIR (Form, Certification, Quantification Methodology Document) to
  • Replace ###### with the EPEA approval number for your industrial operation in your subject line: "AEIR Submission - EPEA ######".
  • Make sure each email only contains one AEIR (Form, QMD, SOC).
Air Emissions data submitted electronicallyThe AEIR submission process has been streamlined

21.2 Use this format to name your AEIR files:

  • There are specific ways to name each document, including the year and your unique ID number.
  • The AEIR Form is "AEIRF##EPEA######.xlsx"
  • The first ## is the year (e.g., 22 for 2022).
  • The second ###### is the EPEA approval number.
  • Please submit an Excel file (.xlsx).
  • For example, "AEIRF22EPEA1234.xlsx" for 2022 AEIR Form 1234.

Document for Quantification Methodology (QMD):

  • "AEIRQMD##EPEA######.pdf" The first ## is the year (e.g., 22 for 2022).
  • The second ###### is the EPEA approval number.
  • Please submit as an Adobe PDF (.pdf).
  • "AEIRQMD22EPEA1234.pdf" for industrial operation 1234's 2022 QMD.
  • The signed Statement of Certification (SOC) is "AEIRSOC##EPEA######.pdf".
  • The first ## is the year (e.g., 22 for 2022).
  • The second ###### is the EPEA approval number.
  • Please submit as an Adobe PDF (.pdf). For example, "AEIRSOC22EPEA1234.pdf" for industrial operation 1234's 2022 SOC.

Please sign and scan the Statement of Certification in the AEIR Form. You can also use the PDF version for digital signatures. AEIRs that are resubmitted have different naming conventions (see below).

21.3 AEIR submission must be complete and on time:

  • Fill out the AEIR Form with the inventory info.
  • Compile and quantify emissions using the Quantification Methodology Document.
  • For the inventory year, sign and date the Statement of Certification.
  • Send all three documents electronically by September 30 of the following year, before 11:59 p.m.

Please note that the Statement of Certification must be a separate PDF with the specified naming format. A signature image on the AEIR Form isn't enough.

21.4 The regulatory program tracks AEIR submissions. No confirmation emails are sent, but automatic replies confirm receipt of your AEIR submission.

Regulatory staff will follow up on any missing documents or deficiencies. The submission tracking and review process is shown in figure 8.

22 - Now the department will review, notify, resubmit, and audit

22.0 The next step is Checking for Errors.  Here, the government might look over your report for data quality checks best practices and contact you if something's wrong.

22.1 The AEIR Form and Quantification Methodology Document can be reviewed by department staff. When issues or errors are found, you'll be notified, and you'll have to amend the AEIR.

Like-homework-but-betterMake emissions reports accurate by fixing errors fast

It's possible you'll have to resubmit documents if issues arise, and you'll have to contact the technical contact for your industrial operation.

22.2 You have to let the Director know if you find mistakes or issues in your AEIR. Describe the problems, their causes, and how to fix them.

22.3 Fix any errors in your AEIR and submit a corrected version. Resubmissions are decided by a 10% materiality threshold. Resubmission is required if errors change emissions by more than 10%.

Resubmission times depend on how serious the issue is. Minor issues should be fixed in less than 60 days.

More-serious corrections require a new Statement of Certification, so you should check with the Alberta Air Emissions Inventory Program.

Resubmission should include:

  • a cover letter describing changes,
  • the revised AEIR Form,
  • an updated Quantification Methodology Document, and
  • a new signed Statement of Certification (if anything changed).

To track these resubmitted documents, you need specific file names. The first resubmission for 2022 AEIR for industrial operation 1234 would be called AEIRF22EPEA1234R1.xlsx.

Resubmitting ensures accurate emissions reporting.

22.4 Regulators can audit AEIRs to make sure they're accurate. There are two kinds of audits: paper audits (reviewing submitted documents) and on-site audits (visiting the factory).

As per government regulations, auditors can contact the technical contact listed in the AEIR form.  Perhaps you could use some help with this process...

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  • The environment: Precise data helps authorities track air quality and implement cleaner regulations.
  • Timely and accurate submissions prevent penalties and delays.
  • Transparency fosters public trust in your commitment to the environment.

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You can submit your Annual Emissions Inventory Report (AEIR) easily!

Steps to finalizing the form, getting certification, and making sure your electronic submission is on time are outlined in this guide.

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