Educate our Kindergartners and Primary school children for Sustainability.

by Geoffrey Grant
(Munster, Indiana, USA)

Thank you for showing all of the ideas and groups involved within this serious issue, but one group that has been left out are children who are 12 and younger. Their minds are fresh, impressionable and sponges for all of the contamination and pollution issues.

Instead of allowing them to occupy their time with mindless "kill the bad guy" computer games, show them games which define the problem, factors and some of the solutions for all types of pollution, including manmade light. Reward them with new levels or tools to solve more difficult pollution problems.

Allow them to use the computer software, to draw solutions with Paint Boards and let the Administrator of the Game or Games give them the next levels to solve.

I believe that Stuff in the air is related to all of our military, industrial, civic, scientific research and consumer use/handling systems and that all of our products can be recycled for reuse in a safe manner.

The highest level of the Worldwide computer game has to be a level where each type of pollution becomes a harmless product that is reused in a new product = Sustainability.

Let our children be a part of their own legacy and future solutions.

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There we go.
by: Barry

It seems a mind is a wonderful thing to waste. Let's not.

Thanks for your input.

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