Reporter #2 continues this global warming argument:

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Also, I don't think going after emissions will solve this global warming argument, but I do think we need to live in a cleaner world.

Global warming is a hot topic:

Some say that due to human activities like burning fuels and deforestation, the earth is warming up at unprecedented levels.  Human activities aren't the only (or main) cause of the current warming, say others.

Let's go further:

  • Oil sands CO₂ emissions are tiny compared to US coal emissions, which are tiny compared to what China spews.
  • Oil sands is easy to target, and it's a great distraction from everything else going on.
  • There's no way the US is going to clean up those coal plants or replace them with natural gas.
  • It's unlikely China will retrofit its factories with the latest emission reduction technology.
  • This part of the global warming argument keeps everyone from looking at other pollutants.

Domestic global warming argument

Governments would tackle the biggest CO₂ producer in your and my house if they were serious about CO₂ emissions. Give us all a huge tax break so we'll all "voluntarily" switch to a cleaner furnace.

You say it's impossible?  I'm with you.

Plants eat CO₂ and make O₂ .  See if the reduction of the biggest forests correlates with the rise in CO₂ and global warming.  Global warming argues that we're producing more CO₂ while removing the single best way to clean it up.  Do you think there's a correlation?  Maintaining world forests and sustainable lumber and agriculture industries is the best way to manage CO₂.  That's damn inconvenient.

Inconvenient is boring, so let's move on to the really impossible.

Where does global warming occur?

Jungles also create their own weather.  Without the jungle, the Amazon would be a desert with desert weather.  There's clean white sand under a tree in the Amazon forest just a few feet under the composting leaf litter, and the sand goes for miles.

Historically, the Sahara desert was the Sahara jungle with matching weather patterns.  What's the impact of global warming in the past?  We have a sneaking suspicion that man played a part in the Sahara transformation, since we see the same methods being used in Africa today, with firewood gathering increasing desertification and slash and burn farming in the Amazon creating nasty patches of sand.

Would reversing the Amazon and Sahara transformations help CO₂ rise?  With every economy in the world running flat out to support it, the Sahara jungle project would be the biggest mega-project in history, costing mega-trillions and employing billions.  Sadly, it has a lot of down-sides that can't be overcome.

There would be no killing, the benefits would be hard to price, it wouldn't create an arms race, no government would "win" more than any other, so there would be no political capital, and governments would have to work together for a long time.  As you can see, it's really impossible.

Instead of science, we get inconvenient, myopic half-truths about global warming.  In place of vision, we got Kyoto.  Copenhagen instead of action.  We get carbon trading instead of solutions.  Short answer: not much.

It's just an unfortunate consequence of global warming if the Amazon turns into a desert.  It's just a moot argument about global warming.


Reporter #1:  I use your global warming argument about deforestation when I talk to Al Gore's sheep.  I fully supported Harper's government a year ago when they tried to play wait and see about our economy and were hijacked by the 3 stooges, and I hope they have the strength to play wait and see with this issue in the face of hysterical public sentiment.  I'm reminded of the kid joke about Chicken Little yelling "the sky is falling" and the teacher saying "Holy sh**! a talking chicken!".

Here is Reporter #1's global warming evidence. =====

Reporter #2:  Let's get started, folks.  There's more to this global warming argument.  I'm sure some of Al Gore's sheep would appreciate it.   Bleat!!


What do you think of all this?  Encouraging and motivating people to talk intelligently or passionately about global warming requires a multifaceted approach that involves education, empathy, and engagement.

Global warming is a big problem and it's important to learn about it and find ways to help. How can you learn about the causes and effects of global warming and find practical solutions? Talk to people from different backgrounds to share ideas. Show how taking action can help the environment and lead by example by reducing your own carbon footprint.  Try it here...

What's the latest in Global Warming?

Not everything is covered on this website. It can't be. If you know something you're itching to tell the world, here's your chance. I'm all ears.

Go ahead.

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