Alarming issue

by Richard Enright
(US of A)

Effects of environmental change

Effects of environmental change

Global warming is an alarming issue no doubt. When we exploit the environment, environment also plays with us. When the temperature rises above the normal we call it a warming, when the temperature of this planet rises above its normal we call it a global warming. This happens when the green house gases are trapped into our atmosphere, due to our folly the temperature shoots up.

The nature has also given a process for its cure, we call this as diffusion. But the nature also has it's limitation. So every human being should be cautious about this alarming issue.

Barry's Response - Right you are. Whether the issue is Global Warming or some other ecological point of concern, being careful can never be a bad thing.

It may be the most complicated thing mankind has undertaken. Therefore, allocating some of our resources and the fruits of our labour, as it were, to research and understanding the ecology and determining how we can care for it better is never a bad thing.

Consensus has had it that it would more expensive, in the long run, to not do so, to ignore it and carry on as usual. And that expense may take a different form (e.g., human life and other species).

Maybe we will come up with the right thing to do and radically alter our practices on a large scale. Maybe we will determine that there was no real worry all along, or even that things will improve after a period of warming.

Wouldn't that be something? I know a number of Canadians who can't argue with that one.

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