global warming increase temperature

by manntkaur

Looks like a trend...

Looks like a trend...

Global warming is the increase in the average surface air temperature of the planet that is a result of the buildup of heat-trapping or "greenhouse" gases in the atmosphere.

Barry's Response - Good enough? Maybe. If that's what is really happening. There has been a great deal of dispute over the whole issue.

It seems that the global climate is a complicated as the earth-ecosystem itself and that deviations from what we expect are something we should expect. Anytime.

Government agencies have given a great deal of attention to this matter...gathering data, making interpretations and inferences, analysing trends, diagnosing causes and making predictions. Numerous private sector groups have done the same. What is the result?

The world has recognized the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as the ultimate authority on this issue. They regularly check and interpret scientific data, modify their predictions and make policy recommendations based on their findings.

The things they examine include atmospheric composition, observed weather parameters including temperatures, various cycles such as El Niño, ocean data, ice data, variability and extremes. With all these levers and dials to fiddle with, the whole thing becomes more complicated than even the greatest experts can currently handle. Nobody knows anything for sure; that's why this controversy prevails.

Al Gore, for all his shortcomings, talked about what he did see, and he saw a definite and disturbing trend. If you have not seen his landmark presentation, An Inconvenient Truth is worth seeing at least once.

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global warming is a hoax
by: Anonymous

I would like to see our temperatures rise another 2 full degrees

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