Global Warming On My Mind

by Mystery Girl

Pass the lotion, please.

Pass the lotion, please.

I've got global warming on my mind...The main question people want to know about global warming is what is causing it. I personally think that global warming comes from several natural causes and that people are also causing it in modern days.

People just didn't know it before and didn't bother about it. Today people are causing global warming more by using their cars a lot and using CfC (Chlorofluorocarbon) which is found in hairspray and other materials. CFC causes depletion of the ozone layer. The ozone layer absorbs 90% of sun's ultraviolet rays.

Pollution has caused global warming. Pollution usually occurs in big crowded cities where there is a lot of factories and near an ocean or near a body of water. We (the world) need to work together to save this Earth for the future generations. Thank you for reading this article.

Barry's Response - Thank you, MG, for writing it.

Meanwhile, check out these unusual solutions people have proposed to fix the global warming situation in the past. This isn't fiction. It's the truth.

Global warming on my mind? I'll say.

Search this site for more information now.

Innovative solutions can sometimes come from thinking outside the box. In addition to scientifically supported efforts, brainstorming unique and creative approaches isn't a bad idea. One day, those seemingly wacky ideas might inspire breakthroughs or spark important conversations. Keep exploring all the possibilities to make our planet a better place, so let's let our imaginations run wild.

Here are a few "weird" ideas that have been proposed and are being explored regarding global warming:

- One might work by spraying tiny salt particles into the air to make clouds reflect more sunlight back into space, lowering Earth's temperature.

- By adding iron or other nutrients to certain areas of the ocean, algae growth can be stimulated, which absorbs CO2.

- Putting giant mirrors in space to reflect sunlight away from Earth and reduce heat absorption.

- Technologies that capture carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and industrial processes and use them to make stuff like fuel and building materials.

- Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage: Growing biomass crops, like trees, and then capturing and storing the carbon emitted from burning them.

While these brainfarts may seem workable, they and others require extensive research, analysis, and careful consideration of potential side effects. Sustainable, long-term solutions should always be the focus.

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