Green house effect

by N.Pavan kumar

Green house effect

Green house effect

This picture shows The progressive warming up of the earth's surface due to blanketing effect of man made carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The four major green house gases, which cause adverse effects are Carbon dioxide, Methane, Nitrous oxide and Chloro- fluro-carbons. Among these Carbon dioxide is the most common and important greenhouse gas. Here it should also be noted that Ozone and SO2 also act as serious pollutants in causing global warming.

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Barry's Response - Well, thank you Pavan. In Canada, our major industries report annual greenhouse gas emissions to the federal government. When doing so, they estimate the effectiveness of methane, CH4 to be 21 times stronger than carbon dioxide, CO2. Nitrous oxide, N2O, is 310 times more effective as a greenhouse gas than CO2. We use these numbers to calculate CO2e.

What's that? These fudge factors calculate how much incremental global warming shall result from the release of a given mass of each of these gases, according to current global warming greenhouse effect theory. Government regulators call the expected net impact the Global Warming Potential.

Find more about the two CO2 equivalency concepts, Carbon dioxide equivalent (CDE) and Equivalent carbon dioxide (CO2e) on this Wikipedia page.

See how this group of air quality testers does the data collection and reporting for their clients.

Search this site for more global warming information now.

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Earth is confused & disabled by our actions.
by: ufaira

We should save and protect our earth by saving
its natural resources.

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