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How permanent is a permanent marker on fabric?

by Anya

Choose your weapon!

Choose your weapon!

I did this in third grade I took markers and different types of detergents and first I took the fabric and put marker on it then tested it with different detergents.

Barry's Response - Interesting premise, for sure. And one with good commercial potential as well. Did any of the detergents remove the marker effectively? Were some markers better than others? Thanks for the idea, Anya.

What if you have a real problem with marker ink in an unwanted area. It just might not come off without some special effort.

For some types of pen, WD40 might just do what you need. Prepare to use a good amount, and have paper towels handy for post cleanup. Spray the lubricant into the towel and work into the affected area using a circular motion, sorta like "wax on...wax off". You might need more to dilute it even further.

Use a second rag to remove the oil and colour residue. One more thing: test this method in a small hidden area first if using this technique on a sensitive item such as clothing, carpets or furniture. This is just to be sure no greater damage results.

Search this website for more scientific information now.

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Well Try.
by: Kay

Nice to read the process. Good briefings. One thing that lacks badly is what was the outcome. You know that would have been the punch line of your article.
This site seems good. I have gone through some of the links like satellites, air quality, global warming, more global warming etc. and found them good.

Marker pen
by: Anonymous

Nice article. The image is well suited. It is very interesting..More information about it could have been given alongwith diffrent colors which is shown their

by: Anonymous


by: Anonymous

Such a nice article. The image is well suited. It is very interesting. Add more informations.

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